Need help on timing flush/harvest w/ travel

ok, so I travel for a living which is why I got the Grobos. Below is what my Gods Gift looks like now. But my schedule just got jacked for the next few weeks. I am going to be gone May 4-13. I will have a day somewhere in there that I can do a water change or something, but not harvest or dry or anything. I am just trying to time the end of flower and the Flush so there is nothing I need to do significant in that time frame.

So I can water change and flush in 1-5 days, 10 days, or 14+ days. I was thinking flush in 5 days and then flush would be over when I get back at 14-15 days from now. Opinions?


The day you leave on your trip, drain and fill your unit. Fresh water. If you cant fill it for 9 days you are going to have problems, not because you didnt fill it, but because the plant is likely to drink all the water in this stage. If anyone can top up or you can top up at any point in that 9 days your fine. You can leave it in flush the entire time if you want. You wont have any issues. And tbh, spend your time enjoying your harvest, dont rush taking down your plant!

Looking nice !


I think Todd has a good plan in mind…

@BeeDubya Question what did you use to take your pictures they are very nice and clear?


hey buddy! A few growers on here have performed a remote top up. I have done one successfully while I was away and the plant was in late flower like this. Check the forum search as there were a few people that have done it with different setups.

Basically you can separate the drain/fill tube lines and insert the fill line into 1 gal jug or whatever container you have. Ideally the jug can sit on the reservoir lid. Be careful and prepared! Make sure you have a camera inside and out of the Grobo and the ability to remotely power cycle the Grobo. It could be the case that the unit tries to drink more than the 1 gal of water and gets stuck in Fill mode. This happened to me. In that case you must do a remote power cycle to get the unit unstuck. Afterwards it was fine and I was able to confirm with the cameras.

Good luck buddy!


This is the scope I use. I added a magnet to the base so I can attach it to the Grobo and get a steady shot.


Thanks I have the same one but your magnet mod really made a nice clear shot. I see what I’m going to be doing in the near future



Love it :+1::+1: