N° 3: Fuel D.OG

& off I go again :wink:

Well with 38g off my Blueberry which I know isn’t fantastic & again very light/loose bud & she only had the 5 days Drying :flushed::disappointed_relieved:

Just needed rubbing together but looks, smells awesome :ok_hand:

Did a small Dab with pollen off trim & Oh Yeah :metal:!:wink:!

Not sure with all I did I still end up with light bud :disappointed_relieved::exploding_head:

More light added so :crossed_fingers:!:pray:!..


Nice Mod’s looks like a Mary box now… Well not really but the side lights reminds me of it



Appreciate All the :blue_heart:! :wink:!

Just need the decent grow to go with it now :roll_eyes:!:rofl:!..

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Stop The :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:! :bus:! :flushed:!..

UNREAL :uk:!!

Must be 4:20​:metal:!:seedling:!:seedling:!:seedling:!

& don’t shout @ me :crazy_face:!:rofl:!

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How did you get the extra lights inside installed? Very cool



FirstPower Grow Lights for Indoor…


I used this off Amazon :wink: & on Mark1’s there’s a Small Rear Maintenance Hatch that with a little effort you can feed the usb power cable down the side of the water tank & through this hatch :+1:!
I made a little cutout in the cover plate for the cabling

The lights are stuck with 3M Double Sided Tape:

EBay N° 265215551223

Early days but feels decent enough with good features :+1:

:wink: :seedling::seedling::seedling:


Thanks for the info! :+1:

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No show so far :thinking:!

Looking inside pod she looks healthy but not long sprouted

I may have gone to deep as these new smaller pods are Blank with No Hole

Would appreciate someone giving a depth guide :wink:

Think I went about 10-15mm in :thinking:!

But that wouldn’t slow the germination down surely :thinking:

Or is this just the genetics of this seed (slow!)

That is fine

Lot’s of factors contribute to how well a seed gem’s and sometimes you can do everything right and it doesn’t pop…

How are you germinating your seeds now?