My plant appears to be dying (again)

Hello, my plant appears to be dying can anyone please help me?

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Just had same experience l, is your pod too far down

My cocopod is in the little holder it looks OK to me.

I would upload a video but allgrowers won’t let me

@Osage did you manage to save yours?

-definitl put in the support ticket
-check if the air pump is on
-any of bottle nutrients look off to u ( @this stage none of the bottles should be depleted)

@Jamminbear I’m new to allgrowers could you please tell me how to put in a support ticket? I also emailed the grobo support team about this but I fear because of the long weekend it won’t be seen until Tuesday.

My air pump is not running (do you know how to fix?) The nutrient bottles all have liquid in them more than 25% full.

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Hi @Matthew just catching up.

First you can put in a support ticket by emailing

Second; at this stage of the grow your water level should be at the low level so your coco pod isn’t soaked.

Third: do you know if your aerator was ever running?
If so, do you know when it stopped?

If not, have you tried doing a reboot?

I had a similar issue and can maybe offer help?


@Matthew Check the air pump mine wasn’t working they had to overnight and air pump to me … I don’t know what your finances are like but you can probly buy a cheap one and hook it up to the back… what water are you using? If your air pump is not and your using tap water the nutrients will dump into the reservoir and not mix but since the sensors are right next to where they dump the nutrients the sensors will keep reading faulty and dump more to fix the problem …

Try the reboot just like @rainstorm3 said you do this by unplugging for 30-60 seconds and then
Plugging back in.

@chris_barfield @rainstorm3 thank you for that info my air pump is not running probably hasn’t been for 2-3 days judging by the look of the plant, I’ve been using distilled water.

I have been doing what the machine tells me my cocopod is kind of dry at this point.

I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in to no avail. I dont think I will get a reply until Tuesday unfortunately and I’m stuck at work for the next 8 hours.

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@Matthew you should be ok I ran without an air pump for a while get a spray bottle and mist your coco pod if it’s dry… also make sure it’s far enough down to touch the water atleast it will absorb water… they sent me an aquarium pump and I took the back panel off at the bottom of the unit and took the airline off the grobo air pump and onto the new one and it has since been great. If you don’t want to wait until Tuesday I suggest going to a Walmart or something like it ( I don’t know what’s in your area) and grab an air pump until they are back …


@Matthew second what @chris_barfield says. You need to get some sort of oxygen in the tank for sure or it can also be a breeding ground for bacteria.
The lower back panel (attached by a thumb screw) is where the air pump is.

Before doing that though, try doing a factory reset. You can find those instructions Here

You’ll have to reconnect to WiFi after that.
If up to 15 min after the factory reset the air still doesn’t come back on, I’d go to Walmart or something as @chris_barfield suggested and hook up your own aerator until you hear back from support after the long weekend.


@Matthew - I’ve just messaged @chris to see if he can help you ASAP as well.

As @rainstorm3 and @chris_barfield said you can definitely get an external air pump as a quick fix. I know that the team is working to fix a software bug that is turning air pumps off. I found your support ticket (thanks for sending it in!) and have turned on your air pump remotely. There is also a way to use your drain pump to get aerate the water without needing to buy anything external but @chris would be best to explain how it’s done.

I’ll reply to your other messages now and we’ll get this all sorted out for ya!


@bjorn will there be a message or thread here on ag once the software bug issue is resolved? I think my air pump and fluid glass are suffering from this bug.

I have full confiedence in the Grobo team debuging the pump issue hardware or software. For anyone interested here is the spare air pump I bought for ”Just in Case” moments in a link below. As others have said a day or so of water not bubbling won’t be detrimental to your grow. This pump has everything you need to give you a temporary airating fix until things can be resolved with the Grobo team.

This pump has everything you need to give you a temporary airating fix until things can be resolved with the Grobo team.It also has a valve just in case the bubbling needs adjusting higher or lower. There’s also the other in-house quick fix that others can detail with the drain/fill hose.

It’s the nature of the beast, I had spare water pumps, tubing, fittings and anything else that could break in previous grows. (Except for real expensive stuff).


Hi @Matthew,

Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with your air pump. I’m going to reach out shortly with next steps so we can get you up and running for the weekend.


As a general message to everyone that is experiencing the air pump not being on issue: post a message here, but also reach out to (let us know that you did in your post as well please) - we need to gather some personal information from you to execute the air pump override on your unit

@chris_barfield definitely 100% we’ll post a message here when all of your devices has been updated with the fix




I have air pump issues but I believe I already have a ticket with @Robyn


Yup we gotcha covered @chris_barfield :wink: :+1:



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Is there any chance that the software issue you are referring to would be a possible solution to my reservoir air pump as well? I’ve been using the third party stone, but would prefer to use the Grobo air pump, if possible.


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