My new grow Ethos Genetics


Ok so I haven’t posted anything for a bit now and for good reason I’m highly disappointed with me results with my last cycle Ethos himself gave me the purple majik seeds and I took the steps to get the recipe put on the grobo database because he said it would grow well in small spaces. That was very untrue. I don’t blame the Grobo unit I blame the genetics. I’m sure that it will grow well but not in the grobo it created colas that blocked the light I super cropped them only for them to stand right back up and no matter how much defoliation the plant was just too bushy and did not allow light to the lower bud sites. That being said I wouldn’t recommend this strain for the Grobo. Everyone has a choice but I don’t recommend it being this strain.


Crazy stuff, lol. I’m to lazy to look it up. Was it Sativia dominate?

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Indica dom

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