Meet Anita amnesia!

Hey Fellow growers ! So I decided to go with amnesia lemon by Barney farms . My fans in my Grobo haven’t turned on yet and I’m on day 2 of late veg so I got a mini desk fan going until I can fix the problem I just don’t wanna give her wind burn . I’m also having a hard time keeping my humidity levels at 45% It’s winter here and my natural humidity is 30-35%
(Way to low ) from my understanding .so I got a humidifier running in the back of the Grobo where the fans are and it’s set on warm mist my question is

A: how she look
B:does my baby girl like the warm humidity or should I just stick room temp
C:her leaves feel a little dry is it something I’m doing it’s just getting hard to maintain all proper levels around my area right now

Let me know what you guys think and any advice would be great about anything let me know .last 2 I grew I wish they were a little more potent ( I know it has a lot to do with genetics ) but I’m sure I can do things to help her reach her full potential help a brotha out with some secrets :call_me_hand:t2:


^ How close is your humidifier? This can be a bad idea.

I use a humidifier in the center of my room and it does plenty to raise the humidity up. My average has been 30-35% in here but when I run the humidifier I can get it up to 55-60% inside the Grobo from using it in the center of the room.

The fans in the back of the Grobo can be really hard to tell if they’re on. I test by blowing air from the back in with my mouth and I can see the fan blades slow down.

Fan #1 should have turned on at Day 11 as far as I know… and I think the second should be on by now too for you as far as I remember.

A power cycle (unplugging the cord that goes into the Grobo, and waiting 30 seconds) then replug can help kick the fans on sometimes if they are in fact not on.


She doesn’t look too bad, a little droopy honestly though. Is this right when the lights turn on in the morning? My plant does this. My last grow didn’t seem to as much, but this specific strain seems to droop a bit at night time, and then about 45-60 minutes later of light shes perked back up.