Master Kush - questions

Day 72 - flowering day 20/53

Have a couple stems that grew too tall and close to the light. I know I was late with my topping.

I was able to successfully bend one and that one is doing better but the other oneโ€™s to bud is brown and looks dead. Iโ€™ve left it alone and trimmed some larger fan leaves to keep the light unblocked. Some leaves near the top are dry and turning brown but most others look healthy.

  1. Do I need to do anything else about the brown bud or just keep going with it as is, writing it off or should I remove it?

  2. Is it OK to trim the fan leaves as I have been to unblock light, or is this screwing with the growth?

  3. Iโ€™m nearly out of #3 bottle, do I need this for the rest of my flowing cycle?




when mine have hit the lights, it just burns the plant, so i ultimately just cut it off, whole bud and all.


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