Mango Sapphire (grow 3)

Yeah she doesn’t look too happy. Can you provide pictures of the main stem? Let’s check for damping off. It looks like the peat pod is too wet.

How are you filling up the Start? Where is the fill float? Can you post pics?

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i actually squeezed out the peat pod and took away a loooot of the excess moisture. it was after that that there started to be some growth finally. i measure out 650ml at the water changes and i already took the wick out about a week ago

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seems like many others are having similar issues with the start. i’m wondering if starting a new seed with only maybe 550ml and only leaving the wick on until the seed pops will be a better route to go. at this rate the start is just a waste of time and a seed.

edit: thinking of maybe soaking a peat pod then squeezing out all excess water, starting a seed and using the start only for the light, only spritzing the peat pod if needed until the seed pop, and once there’s a tap root then fill the tank with 500ml water so there’s no chance of it hitting the pod and go from there :thinking: thoughts?

Hey no worries, I think she will make it. Based on one pic it looks like there was some damping off and she was starting to get thin and discolored:

I would dry and increase airflow over the peat pod and stabilize the seedling with ties if needed. Definitely keep a close eye on water levels when filling the Start. Transplant to the Grobo when it’s available.