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Sup Growers!

I bet a lot of you have done a few grows so far and was hoping to get little bit of tips. For the one that have grown autos, did you do any (light stress training) how did it work for you?

Thanks for your help.



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For LST on autos I found it depends on the genetics as they aren’t as forgiving as photo strains.

I was going to perform LST on my White Widow Auto (2nd grow), but luckily it topped itself :sunglasses: so I’ve only been defoliating and lollipopping during this grow.

There have been a few breeders that have stabilized their strains and breeders sometimes post strain behavior or grow tips. (EX: Mephisto has a grow guide that tells if the strain is a good candidate for topping or LSTing or if its best to leave it alone/just tuck fan leaves)

There’s a few other breeders that have this information on their websites, just can’t remember who off hand.

This is my personal take on it. (Not trying to start an argument with anyone :slight_smile: )

Hope this info helps, if ya have any questions let me know :+1:


See that’s fucking awesome! I didn’t know that. Thanks for that.