Looking into a Grobo

I am a 100% novice in the world of indoor, hydroponic growing, but I’ll add horticulture classes I took in college as electives were my favorite courses.

I feel the Grobo is likely the most intuitive and novice friendly system I have discovered. Not to put the cart before the horse and pre-plan a bumper harvest quite yet, how successful are Grobo users finding their germination percentages? I was taken aback to find companies that sell feminized seeds are charging ransom amounts per seed. After shipping and tracking options, seems some quality seeds may run up to $15 each which makes me wonder how many of them will fail? Any input on the germination rate? BTW…I saw one seed company say NOT to put the seed into a fiber cup, but to put it in a wet paper towel. Grobo instructs to add seed into the cup, so one more research question to add to my list.

Just processing some key points before I drop the cash outlay…just being fully aware.

Thanks to all!


I’ve had 100 percent germination In every seed I’ve popped so far. But germinate our the coco pod then put it in


What’s the key, Chris…germinate in a wet paper towel, then transplant carefully into the fiber cup?

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I soak for 24 hours if I don’t see tail after 24 hours then I move it to damp paper towel inside a sandwich baggy to create humidity then place in a dark warm area and wait for it germinate a tail. Once I see a tail I want I place it in the coco pod. I kind of just let it fall in without touching or if I do have to move it I use a chicken skewer and only touch the shell of the seed… but that’s just me @MT3


15$ for a seed is great. Most I’ve bought range from 30 to 100. Shop around. I planted a total of 6 seeds this year so far 2 were males (bagged) and the remaining four will be females so I should be good.
Your gonna love the grobo my friend


I bought seeds offline from breeders used in the grobo recipe list and got 5 seeds for $50 shipped. And as far as germinating I did just as instructed in the video and dropped the dry seed right into the soaked coco pod. It’s growing perfect


I second the “drop in the pod and forget it” method. I’ve successfully germinated two plants this way from seeds I’ve held onto over two years. (Granted I accidentally killed my first plant so…)