Looking forward to selling the Grobo. $1000.00

Only used for 50 days. I am currently using it but more than willing to get rid of this permanently beta machine. Paid $2100 but will 100% get rid of it for 1k. You pay for shipping.

I also have 5 new nutrient bottles unused. If you want those too add $50. ($1050 in total)

Why if I can ask. Mine is amazing! My Skywalker OG is gorgeous! Try and get some support. They will help you.


Where are you located?


I’m just not happy with the machine. I prefer outdoors/greenhouse. This product is a waste of $$$ imo. To each his own I guess.

I just want to finish this out. 40 days and I’m done. 100% Won’t use again. This piece of garbage machine might be a nice dust collector if I can’t get rid of it.

Florida Miami

In Orlando . Meet in the middle?

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Did u get lucky?

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I am definitely interested if it is still available! If you’re willing to ship it, please give me a total price (with insurance on the shipping covering the full amount paid for the unit, the shipping carriers are very reckless during shipment)? Thank you.

This guy is suspended. I don’t think he would be able to dm.

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