Living Organic Soil Tent Grow "Full Auto"

Bout the same size and im half way through week 8.
Love the setup
Which one are you hoping does the best


Gorgeous setup. Can’t wait to see how it goes


i like those LST training clips …i’d like to try them out on my next grow :smile:



Well when there were seeds I was hoping Tangie Candie but looks like Forbidden Cake is the best genetics seed in the tent (looks the best)


Where did u get those clips?


Thanks the setup have been countless rebuilds and changes… It’s now at the point where it looks like just about perfect automated setup…

Setup details as follows

Drain system = plants are on FloraFlex PotPro Platform System (pumps any leach out of the tent)

Humidifier = Idea-air unit hooked direct to my RO water system (never need to fill all auto)

Dehumidifier = Not in the tent right now because I don’t need this time of the year but unit drains into the same pump that discharges the leach out of the tent… So no need to empty

Exhaust = I exhaust into the room in the winter (reclaim the heat) summer I will exhaust outside

Intake and Dehumidify = Carbon filter on the left works with exhaust turn on the same time (same control) Since the air is dry this time of the year inplace of my Dehumidifier I’m using the carbon filter fan on the right… When RH gets high it bring fresh dryer air in.

Control Center = Automates the whole tent by Trolmaster… Using Hydro X and Aqua X but units have modules that powers on and off all devices… You can see I have lot’s happens…

Aqua X is on the Right!!

Soil Moisture Readers

Main Control unit (hydro X)

The carbon air in the room cleans the smell out of the room… PS I have 0 smell in my house but as you can see 4 carbon fans that run when needed scrubbing the air

Now the plants = Automated Soil

Since I’m in Living Organic Soil My plants are in control not me… I feed them water (nonchlorinated) I don’t adjust or look at Ph… I don’t check Ec… there are tiny organisms in the soil that break down nutrients and feed them directly to your roots. When you enlist the microorganisms to do the work of making nutrients available to the roots, pH management stops being something you have to do…

Now what is the system missing to be 100%

  1. I haven’t made the time to setup my drip system yet… Soon that will happen…

  2. I haven’t wanted to go down this road at this time but AC would be great to have… Maybe one day


There is pretty cool… First time using clips


I got them from 2 different people (I have many different styles and sizes) I will get you the info… They are made on 3d printers


Damn. Sweet setup. How much electricity that costing monthly?
Matt corrects his water for los, as the water i get ranges from 7 to 8.5 i sort of should bring it down yeah? I use a all natural option so as to leave the organisms in the soil alone


Honestly I really don’t know… I think I’m more efficient now than when I was all manual… Before all my Fans would just run 24/7 now that I have Full Control gear only runs when needed in turn save hydro.

My lights kill me a bit… In flower I’m pushing 2 LED’s totaling 1300 Watts

I’m sorry I have a brain freeze on who Matt is . When growing organically, you also depend on your soil and the various components to automatically buffer the pH. Starting with the right soil will make things a lot easier for you! You shouldn’t need to adjust if you have a right soil to start with…

Before when I was using Gaia LOS only problem I ran into was soil got low on Cal/Mag because I was using RO water which has no minerals in it… Since then I switch soil product problem is now gone

What are you using to drop the Ph of your water?


Yeah i use a LOS friendly one

That’s true about automated using only when required
I’ll eventually look into that when they make it for dummies hehehe.
Matt is mr canucks grow on youtube. Using his coco grows as a reference
Plants have taken little burn for one reason or another but are recovering well as far as i can tell.
I want to flip to flower soon as im worried about height. Setup the tent wrong but working so i have limited ceiling space if it grows too high. Ill scrog it in for good measure since its so bushy i should be able to cover the floor


If / when the day comes if you need a hand and you think I can help let me know…

I will have to check out his channel…

Normally it’s hard to burn the plant with organic’s how often are you top dressing?

I’m in the same boat I’m worried I’m going to run out of room in height… Need to switch to flower soon

I’m trying something new let you know if it helps… I put a clip on the head to blend it down to by me some time… I want the lower branches a bit bigger before I switch it possible

Ph down I was looking to see what it’s made of but I didn’t see it… (Your right it claims to be safe)

Also I always like to found products that are Omri certified


His channel is gold
Roll a doob and watch a grow beginning to end. Amazing. Really imho the highest quality Production online.
I may ask for help one day for sure. Depending on what i ultimately prefer to use.
Matt does top dress and tea bag feed it too
I had planted in fox farms soil as thats all i had at the time. After about 6 weeks transplanted out of the 3 gallon pots to 5
I exposed as much roots as i could to dust with myco grow without breaking them but root ball was way small compared to matts. Likely due to grow medium. I made the mix at 1/5 of the nutrients required for veg with full amount suggested by matt for transplanting prior to flower which i believe was considerably more.
I mix each pot independently and will top with his suggest topping amount after a month in flowering. Next grows will be all coco as i prefer it. The smell, water rentention and overall feel make me feel comfortable its the natural way to go. Remember i dont add boosters or anything even in grobo. I did get cal mag to fix deficiencies and added it to the 11 litres for a boost on tomorrow’s water.


I just subscribed to mr canucks thanks!!!

I just bought this book also… Heard a lot of good things about it… Should have it early next week

I have done the same thing with this product

[404 Error - Link Removed] Boogie Brew kbs-granular-myco-bacteria-1-lb

I ask this because I always like to see what products are out there… What did you use for Cal/Mag?

I’m agreeing with you on all this magic booster BS but one thing I will do and recommend is adding a Carbohydrate in week 1 to 6 of flower. If you want to talk that carbs more let me know.


I think its hydroponics? Cal mag bottle
What are you adding for carbs? Like kelp? Bat guana ?


For Cal/Mag in the past I used

It’s OMRI certified for organic

For Carb’s 2 options I have done

  1. I have added Molasses into my Compost Tea…

  2. If I’m going to top dress I love this one…


Here is the last haircut before I switch to flower in the next couple days!!


That’s really nice :+1:t2: :dash::seedling:


Design by purpose?


Nice setup! Watching all you guys here growing in a tent makes me want to grow in a tent too. Maybe one day when I have the space lol. You’re growing some interesting strains! That’s very cool info about the living organic soil, thanks :+1: