Should I have both veg and bloom lights on all the time? I hear mixed reviews and I thought I would see what you guys think?:thinking: I have a 600 watt led with a 3x3 grow room.


Hey @Steve I’ve never heard of a plant getting too much light. So long as they’re off when they’re suppose to be. :+1:

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Yes use both


Thanks fellas turning them both on today then! :+1::sunglasses:

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Anyone know good brand of t5s? Just got some 2x4 t5 fixtures. Looking at hydro farms. I need 4 t5 veg and 4 t5 flowering.

Why? Just use one of these for the whole schibang:

It’s what I use throughout and I get great fkn results! See:

Use one of these for both and you’ll be spot on :+1::v:


They drink a gallon a day, and then some​:+1::v:

I have led light already but I got the fixture Ls for free so I figured I’d use them

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Yeah, but you need great lighting, not ok. These are great. Believe me I’ve used all sorts if led lights, but quantum boards are where it’s at right now until they come up with something better :+1::joy:

Definitely going to invest now on those light. :+1::+1:just read info on them :fire:still wouldn’t mind putting t5 bulbs in these fixtures to get some use out of them

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According to one reviewer on Amazon, this light can run as hot as 1000W HPS. What’s been your experience with heat issues?

Not really. They do run a bit hot but nothing that can’t be worked with​:+1::v:

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