Leaf burn on new fan leaves

Help…i just got my second set of fan leaves and they are burning.

I just found out the air stone isn’t putting in the water…i changed the water. I restarted the recipe. Still not working. Even though the door is cracked I put my fish tank stone in it. I don’t want lose my autoflowering seed.


If you remove the small access door from the bottom rear of your Grobo you should see the air pump tube. I suggest pulling it from the Grobo air pump and installing your aftermarket pump directly to that line (and perhaps investing in a more specialized pump such as the one I’ve posted below and leaving it permanently). Unfortunately the Grobo air pump is an ongoing issue with many growers. Rather than even bother with it I deleted mine right off the bat.

Hydrofarm Active Aqua Air Pump, 2…


Should you opt for this, use this kit to combine the two outputs into one.

Waycreat 2-Way Aquarium Air Flow…



I do that with tents I buy I Switch out the Hardware for structural Reasons. I like to hang things in the tents and the manufacture never
Reinforces Frames cost saving I guess.
Maybe Grobo will up :point_up:their Pump Game :facepunch:t4:

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How do you like this pump? How loud?

I love it, the increased power provides more aeration and the pump is nearly silent.

Still using airstone that came with the Grobo?

Currently yes and it is functioning flawlessly. I believe the Grobo factory pump is inadequate/underpowered for the size of the air stone that it comes with.

Have you submitted a ticket yet? :+1: support@grobo.io


Yes…i am working via email with someone. So far, No air going through the lines and no vibration from the air pump. (I currently already have a air stone from fish tank that was being used. So my plant is doing well in the meantime.) Thank you!


@Sharee_Cook hope your issue gets resolved. I plan on using a 3rd party air pump alongside with the Grobo air pump

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My pump alos had issues. Ended up doing the same. new pump has worked since (knock on wood).

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I have kept her going! :slight_smile:

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