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Hello All,
So I just ordered grobo and it is advertised as a all in one automated system, but now it seems that I need to buy a chiller, modify the system, buy blue lab monitoring kit, extra air pump, submersible water pump etc. which would total up to be about $750 usd? How many people had to go through all this trouble? Why wouldn’t they just design the system to be truly automated? Is it more trouble than it’s worth? I still have time to cancel order but not sure if I need all this additional equipment. Any guidance would be appreciated.


Its optional and is not required. The only thing you Need, is a spare air stone

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But what I read is the device cannot maintain water temperature and that the plant will die if temperature is not correct. So how would that be considered optional if the plant keeps dying due to not maintaining temperature?

Hey Jojo,

My noob perspective:

I went all out with my unit/build out. I also bought my dad a unit and he is going to run it as “basic” as possible. Very much looking forward to comparing our results.

The Grobo automation pertains only to nutrient distribution, light control, Ph balancing, draining/filling water in the reservoir, and some climate/smell control (not much). The rest is certainly on you. That said the processes that that it does control would take years to perfect and take hours every week taking care of your plant(s), which is the main reason I chose the Grobo as I do have time constraints but want to produce very high quality buds.

Those additional items are all optional and many depend on where you live, and where you place your Grobo in your home. Give it a shot bare bones (air stones & hydroguard) for your first grow, post your progress and questions/concerns, and take the advice of the experts on the forum. You’ll figure out as you go along what items or modifications you need/want to make.


I dont run any extra modifications. Just the grobo. Nothing extra inc chemicals


Jojo Wazup,

Imma super noob! I didn’t get a chiller. I’m working with NY weather… up and down like crazy! Not sure where u live but at this point t it doesn’t matter… your Grobo is on its way! Get ready it’s mad fun! Truly a journey into the actual future of Cannabis growing! Don’t fret! Just start the process! You will figure out what you need on the journey!

Blessings health and wellness!


Not to worry!! I would consider all of those advanced techniques that you read about!!
Just please be sure to put your Grobo in a space that you live in. The climate that you get should be the same that the Grobo gets. AKA don’t put it in a closet where there’s no ventilation/heating/cooling!

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Like me :joy:


That’s the thing I was planning on putting it in a utility closet to keep away from prying eyes and from my kids. The closet stays reasonable temperature 50-75 and I am concerned it will get warm being in a closed unventilated space. I was actually thinking about using @SWSVIC instructions for installing chiller but don’t want to if I don’t have too. I also don’t want to get halfway through a grow to find out I have to kill it and install the chiller.

It seems I need a spare air pump and air stone? What about hydroguard? Is that separate than the nutrients that are provided? Do you just poor it in the reservoir?

This would not be suggested. It will probably get very warm, especially from the heat put out from the electrical components. I’m sorry my friend! Just being totally up front! It is automated, but the one thing that it doesn’t do is control climate :frowning:

Check with @SilverGrobo for possible 'add-on’s or extras to have on hand. I know she has been keeping track of a list as this is always asked!! :slight_smile:



I have mine in a walk in closet with an average temperature of 73 degrees (regulated by my home’s air conditioning, there is an air vent in the closet) prior to installing Grobo and Water Chiller. After installation the average temperature increased to about 79 degrees in the closet causing temperatures in excess of 81 degrees F inside my unit and a water temperature of 79 degrees F inside my reservoir, which to me was unacceptable mainly because I’m stuck in my home social distancing and felt like obsessing over something new haha (keep in mind that I am seeking pinnacle height results, one plant at a time, and am not concerned with how much it costs me as this is a hobby and I have plenty of great products supplied by local dispensaries to keep me satisfied, my goal is to grow things that are rare/special that I won’t find there, and do the absolute maximum to ensure the results that I am seeking, in no way is this considered necessary, in fact I am sure most would say it boarders on completely unnecessary :joy:)

I started by strategically installing fans in the closet (one tower fan directing air out of the closet, and 2 usb desk fans directed at “hot spots” to flush the air and dissipate the heat. This had a decent effect considering the low cost and ease of installation, it brought the temperature down about 2 degrees. Still I wanted more. Using a laser thermometer it became extremely clear that the main source of heat in the closet was being expelled from the top vent on the rear of the Grobo. Thus, I went back to the drawing boards and devised a simple and effective venting system that only cost me about $100 (the venting system should also effectively eliminate unwanted smells from the unit as well, I cannot attest to this yet as I have not reached the flowering stage).

Just as I did with my water chiller set up I will be releasing instructions, links, and pictures for this modification. I’m hoping to do so in within the next week or so.

I have had so much fun with this, I’m wayyy down the rabbit hole and enjoying the hell out of it. I invite you to do the same and start your own journey, you won’t regret it so long as you enter with realistic expectations and appreciate the Grobo and the Grobo team for the incredible technology and assistance that they provide.


@Jojo420 the list that @Hellyesshedid made is an awesome reference.

I’m having trouble sharing the thread so I’ll put the list here:

In addition to the thermometer with the water probe, you’ll need a thermometer/hygrometer to guage the temp & humidity inside the Grobo.

If you need to raise the humidity you’ll need a humidifier (mini if inside the unit, full-sized if outside the unit).

If you need to lower the humidity you’ll need a dehumidifier.

If your temps are a little high you’ll need a fan or ac.

If your temps are low you’ll need a space heater.

If your water temps are higher than 73°F you might want to look into a water chiller if you can’t move your Grobo to a cooler location.

To protect your plant in the event that your Grobo’s water pump stops working, and to add more oxygen to your reservoir for your plants roots, get an extra water pump & air stone.

To prevent root rot, get Hydroguard.

To help your plant recover from stress, get revive.

To help your plant grow massive roots, get recharge.

To train your plants, get magnetic hooks and a scrog net &/or plant ties

To calibrate your ph probe, get calibration fluid in 7.0pH & 4.0pH

To store your ph probe, get pH electrode storage solution.

[Edit: Added →

To prune your plant, get pruning shears.

To examine your trichomes and know when your buds are ready for harvest, get a jeweler’s loupe.

To store your buds while they cure, get airtight glass jars with lids.

To have more control over humidity while your buds cure, add Boveda humidity packs to your jars.

Edit End]

If you have any light leak around the edges of your Grobo’s door, get self-adhesive foam weather strip tape at around 3/16" thickness or less, depending on your needs.

If you want to be able to check on & control your Grobo while you’re away from it, plug all your devices into a wifi enabled smart power strip & make sure your sensors (thermometer/ hygrometer/ aquarium thermometer) are all wifi enabled (not just bluetooth!) smart devices as well so that you can get readings via their respective apps, on your phone.

I think that covers everything.


Hey Jason, I bought the chiller specifically because of our summers here in the city - are you planning to have the ac on continuously, or did you find another strategy?


you all and your lists…



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how many of you willing to share photo of your grow space

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The first image is where I want to locate it. The second image shows that there is a exhaust stack for venting gas coming from the water heater and boiler (which we don’t use). I was thinking of buying a portable air conditioner to maintain cool temperatures during the summer and use a space heater to maintain temperature during the winter if required. I could route the AC vent to the exhaust stack which has an access door in the bottom as shown in picture. This should eliminate the need for a chiller as I can just cool the room more? What are your thought?


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