Just kinda wondering what everyone is using

Im curious to know what everyone is using as a nutrients and ect on photo plants new to growing kinda curious what is out there and any ppm meter that anyone recommends


This is the par meter my buddy @Mpower11 put me on too works really well never had another one :point_up:t4: so can’t tell u the difference of any other ones but like I said this one :point_up:t4: does the job​:+1:t2::dash::seedling:


I have 2 par meters the mq 500 and pulse pro

If your looking for fast readings you can’t beat the mq 500.

To get light readings the pro is a lot more work and not fast but it has the bonus of temp Rh Co2. Light on / off detection. VPD etc.

But the think @thederpyman420 is looking for a Ec meter.

I have had good luck with this meter

As far as feed I think my answer depends on what media your planning on using


fox farms kokobob

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I’m growing in fox :fox_face: farms soil right now to be honest it ok :ok_hand:t3: but after this I’ll be moving to LOS I’d rather just have more control from start to finish plus from what I read LOS grow are most Dominant in taste and smell :+1:t2::dash::seedling: