Just got my Gen 2

Yeah, I’m not stoked. At this point, the Grobo has become the most expensive mistake I’ve ever made. The machine is now technically assembled but totally broken without any possibility for repair on my end.

I specifically stated that I can not get past the setup process to get into the main menu. I sent screenshots that demonstrate this. Todd emailed me back this:

So I understand you have built the unit and are in the processing of calibrating and you’re experiencing an endless EC loop. I have not heard of that yet on these units, I will definitely share that with the team. Are you able to skip this step after a power cycle?

I do see your unit connected online with the original firmware still on. Can you try updating your firmware via Settings / About my Grobo?

If you’ve still saved that EC calibration solution you are more than welcome to try calibrating again with the newest firmware updated and let me know how it goes. I will report back your findings to the team!

So I’m not sure where to go from here. Odd he hasn’t heard anything about this from other users of the Gen 2. I wonder why? Maybe they’ll update the app and I’ll be able to update the firmware, but it will require recalibration using liquid I no longer have any more of. Maybe the probe is broken. Maybe it’s a ghost. Who knows.

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I’m just curious if any of you did ANY research before buying. Us Gen 1’s are still beta testers in a sense. We still have issues, but support is TOP NOTCH and takes care of issues as soon as possible. So cool your jets. I understand it’s a lot of money, but you could’ve bought a Seedo or Leaf and either never got your product or the company already went under. There are issues, and grobo has already seen them and addressed them. Relax, take a breath, and you’ll be growing in no time.

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No, I’m not going to “relax” about this. Yes, Grobo is a company that has consistently shown to be reasonable at customer support. No, its not normal for a product to have all these issues. Yes, they should have messaged me as soon as I placed my order to explain the situation. No, it’s not unreasonable to be frustrated after getting the missing parts and then having the app freeze me out of using the machine.

So yes, I could have bought from some other company that went under. But no, I didn’t. And perhaps I’ll be growing in no time, but as of now - I’m just not growing.


How did you get all the replacement parts already, I am still waiting? They said might not start shipping them until next week I thought?

Hi there I’m running into the same problem with short wires. How did u fix this problem ?

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All my wires were correct except the grey wire that goes from bottom of grobo to top of grobo. Other then that my box is in pretty good shape. Just stopped a little more than halfway becuz I’m waiting on cord to finish.


Nothing we can do. A lot of issues, yes…

The more we try to help, the more it fuels his fire :fire:.

This one says step back and wait.

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Put in a ticket. They will ship you out the missing part

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I am about the same, except I am also missing all the screws for the 3 bottom pieces. :grinning: All 8 are missing and the door hinge pin is to thick to fit. So I did as much as I could and will wait for the parts and hopefully start my grown a week later.

I am OK, not going to fuss as I know nothing I can do to change it :upside_down_face:

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I can fix the wire myself, just not the door and not sure if my water tray piece is right or not.

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Update: Gen 2 unit is online. Let’s see where this goes.


So what was the “fix” as this might happen to more of us? Was it only doing an update first ?

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Please post about your issue and the solution you implemented. That’s how we all learn. Makes it a little easier knowing someone else had the issue and solved it. It reduced my anxiety and panic :upside_down_face: knowing I did not have to reinvent the wheel.

Did not mean to be harsh earlier. We have ALL been where you are/were and someone on the forum said be patient and wait on a reasonable fix. I did. It wasn’t Gold or even silver. I compromised…

Now I am up and growing. I am Happy as Hell I waited and worked with the Grobo Team. The product has some problems but once you get it running… It Damn Sure Works!


Relax! Be patient! Take a breath!

Just kidding. Happy to share my solution.

I just reset the WiFi connection by putting the box into pairing mode from the back (just press and hold the power button until the front light goes green) and upon reconnect - the device shows as online. The first thing I did was upgrade my firmware, but after that I was ready to go.

I hope this helps!


Congratulations! Hope u have much success from here on out! Sounds like ur ahead of the curve. I’m waiting on spare parts and I’ll be growing along with ya!


Omg thought I was the only one !! We spent 2 hours assembling yesterday just to have that happen to us too with the cable ribbon. Good to know that we weren’t going crazy.


We have you on the list @Bianca, parts should be going out today!



Trust me when I say this, I had issues with my late unit 1 machine ( I say late being it was 2 months before the unit 2 came out so it had been the latest version), The drain hose was torn from the sharp metal in the unit and I had a few other issues as well, but @Todd.grobo and @stacey.grobo Took SUPER great care of my needs and helped me along every step of the way, I know that anxious feeling you get when you think you just bought a $1800 corner piece for your room that just sits, but you will be up and running in no time, it feels helpless I know I had the same feelings, but Grobo’s customer support has been the best from a company I have ever received, I will be a customer for life now being I am a brand loyalist you do me right I will always spend money on your products being they are great quality as well!


I got only the Gen 1 ribbon cable when I need a longer Gen 2.
I don’t know if my door pin will fit as I don’t want to proceed out of order.
How can I determine what other parts I am missing or do you already know since it happened to so many people who ordered early?

Even worse, I can’t sign up to the grobo support website because the captcha keeps failing over and over.

What should I do?