These things are junk I have nothing but trouble since day one connection issues it will not stop draining drained all of my nutrients out when it drains the water every single bottle it emptied my plant looks like crap and it will not refill the water now! Like I said I’ve had nothing but issues since day one nothing has ran smoothly with this not worth it at all now my seed is probably ruined and I’ll have to go the old fashioned way!

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I would love to help you. I experienced several problems and I have 4 boxes.

I am up and running smoothly. With added knowledge of how the box is put together and how it works.

You may have a Lemon :lemon: and the reason to complain. You may also, just need some help and patience to get things running smoothly.

All I can say is spend some time looking at folks harvests. People are successfully growing very nice Bud in the Grobo boxes. They do work. You just may have to spend some time learning how to work the box. It is NOT automatic. It does take a great deal of adjustments and monitoring.

Let me know if you want some help. I will lend a hand. It will Not be perfect, but I will get you to harvest and some nice flowers to burn, eat, trade, or just to look at.

Go Raiders!


You need to put in a support ticket. There are some things being done to the Grobo 2 and they should fix most of the issues. They might need to send you something or ask you to check on a few things, just go to support up top. Ask about the wasted bottles as they know it can happen and will probably replace them for you.

I had some issues also with it, but they worked with me, sent different things if needed and finally “I think” we have Grobo 2 going as good as Grobo 1.


I appreciate it will do thanks


same here it is disappointing first experience


It is very disappointing!


Hey Dustin,

We see your emails over the weekend and are working on your case. Please check your email shortly and we’ll get you fixed up!

Chat soon,

Grobo Support


I saw them thank you I appreciate you replacing the bottles, and sending over the things to get this resolved hopefully it will be the last problem I run into. I can say you guys are very good on your customer service which is very nice!!! That’s hard to find with companies nowadays!


I sent a couple emails yesterday and today and no response are you guys available this week I was just wondering I received the replacement nutrients but there was no green wire grounding wire like you said is that shipping separately or what

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Mine came by itself.

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