Jalapeños and other fruiting plants

Hey all,

I’m curious if anyone knows the answer to this. I’m going to be doing a jalapeño plant in the Grobo next. Since we all cut down our plant at the end of the recipe for harvest, is this necessary for something like jalapeños? Or, can I just keep it in a flower mode and grow them forever? Well…maybe not forever :rofl:.

@Stephen @GroboJulia


You can keep them in flower mode as long as you like!
Continue to eat off of it until it won’t give you anything else.


You can buy the grobo start and do the sane thing so you free up your unit :eyes::seedling:


Thanks @Bplatinum9 that’s what i thought. I’m going to do jalapeno in the grobo…basil, dill and cilantro in my aerogarden…and save the start for starting two plants for my tent. I have an auto that’s flowering in the start as we speak. Gonna be a lollipop.


Hey that sounds wonderful! Keep us posted! :eyes::seedling:


Hey @FireGuy! We have a few jalapeño plants growing in Grobo Starts at our office right now!

I agree with @Bplatinum9 you can keep them flowering until they no longer produce flowers. They grow very well in a Grobo Start, but I’d be excited to see how they do in a Grobo Solid/ Premium! Please keep us updated :slight_smile:

I attached two images of the pepper plants at our office, they are around 2.5 months old. One of them has a tiny pepper!