Issues I need feedback pls

27gal tote 2 in each
Lemon haze super skunk
General organic nute line
Hgl 600r
I thought it was magnesium deficiency fed epsom salt , cal mag , I’ve tried everything. So now I’m here asking for help

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Is this a tent grow?
Do you have a EC/PPM meter?
How often are you feeding?
How far away is your light?
Have you checked your timer if using one to be sure its operating?
Are you hand feeding or using feed lines?
How far into flower stage are you?


Tent grow, 1200 ppm , feeding every 2 days , lights are hgl 600r 20” away from plant timer is working as it should . I hand feed yes. And I’m 3 weeks into flower

Are you using soil, hydro or coco?
Not sure where your problem is but let’s start here.
There is a mixing order to nutrients.

  1. silicate
  2. cal mag
  3. v1/b1
  4. v2/b2
  5. additives
  6. ph (up or down)
  7. beneficials
    Whatever you dont use skip to the next number.
    It took me a long time to get my ph right and I used to go for the higher numbers until I found out it was wrong
    . Dosing
    Max: EC = 1.4. PPM = 700 veg stage
    Max: EC = 1.6. PPM = 800 flower stage

PH of 5.5 - 6.0 without co2
Higher side of nutes = cold months
Lower side of nutes = hotter months


Oh crap lol I’m using coco and cow shit , I’m using General organics

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I’m wondering should I water more like feed water water feed

Not exactly sure what your asking but if you mean instead of watering every two days you should be watering everyday several times a day, I’m not sure because ive never used coco and cow shit.
You may have to ask some of the outdoor growers!
According to this your doing it right!


27 gal tote is pretty big for Coco… Coco doesn’t really like big containers like soil… Also I think your better off with 1 plant per pot.

Looking at your pictures see Nute burn and Ph lockout (Which is why I think your getting Mag Def)

Any idea what your Ph is at?


@Mpower11, is a great person to follow on this!
His outdoor garden is to die for!!! I could survive off of his garden!!! :eyes::seedling:


I’m going to switch to flora flex 3 gal pro pot but first I’m going to do a heavy flush

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I recommend you don’t flush your Coco with pure water. You can really throw the media off balance fast.

I suggest R/O water add Cal/mag at full strength to around 0.4 Ec and add your base nutes in to a Ec of 0.8 and flush with that until your leach matches a your Ec and Ph feed

And I would ph that water at 5.8 to 6.0