Is this some guiness w.r stuff?

For smallest budding plant ever?
We had some issues that stunted growth in the beginning. But now she’s budding and we will have approx 2 grams of weed when this is done! :joy:
Better luck next time.

And a photo of the seed I threw in a pot outside. Research and development if you will.


It is really cute in fact, not that I am planning on copying this technique, but still it has something cute :slight_smile:
But sorry for the World Record, i have seen smaller


:joy::joy: that does look :eyes: cute :relaxed: :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


Right! :joy: Can’t wait to see my tiny buds


hope you get luckier with your next grow


Awh man! Autos can do that if they get stunted early on. Looking back it seems like the plant was stunted about 28 days ago? That may have shocked the plant into flowering so early. But that’s ok because growing is a learning experience and next go around it will be better!

The outdoor plant is looking pretty good! What strain is that?

What are your plans for the next grow inside the Grobo? A photoperiod fem strain would be best!


Yeah, I chose a short auto strain for sure. I extended a week in veg and it was still into flower at day 44.

I have so many of these auto seeds tho!! I’ll probably try this lsd strain again honestly now that I know what it likes. Although I would definitely like to try a photoperiod.

One outside is another auto- amnesia haze, it looks like it’s budding now too​:exploding_head::flushed:

At least it’s a fun learning process.


Auto are real tricky I just grew my first one :point_up:t4: actually came out great :+1:t2: I grew it in the grobo as well I agree :point_up:t4: wit u trying it again fun :star_struck: no matter what :+1:t2::dash::seedling:

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