Is this growtime possible?

** Strains what to choose for a fast Grow?**
Hi, i dont have a grobo yet but i ordered one yesterday. I am looking for a Strain with the shortest seed to harvest time. I found this strain: diesel cookie from dr greenthumb. Is 62 days practicable? What strains with short seed to harvest times can u recommend?


I would go with a 80 to one hundred day strain give it the extra 20 to 40 days to mature so you get more buds and better smoke. you would rather have enough bud to get you through your second grow then run out and be stuck with none, you see where I am coming from?


I doubt your going to get anything smokable in 2 months, closer to 4 is more common I think. This is not something quick as my 50/50 friend in this learned. Plan on 6 months a grow, counting time drying and curing “roughly”.

It is not a quick process. Buy enough bud locally to last you a few months, then do your grow.


6 months is a lot, since they say its possible in 3 months i dont know if its a good invest if u get that amount if weed in this timespan :sweat_smile:

I will try this strain tho maybe i can do it in 70-80 days i dont quite understand why the growtime is that short in the recipe

Are the timespans from the recipes inaccurate in general?


Hey @Lauzi1,

Great catch, I’ve fixed this recipe up. It had an error in stage 5 (flower) where it had 0 days. I’ve fixed it up and you will now see that this is a 107 day grow. + or - a week to 10 days. You are the master of your grow and may need to add time depending on what you are wanting to do. (Top, Fim, lollypop, supercrop, etc.) Don’t focus on the grow times too much, you are starting a lifelong journey my friend.

Welcome aboard!



You forget, it needs curing time too. When this is done, it is not smokable. :grinning: You need to wait another 4-8 weeks sometimes before you can. You can’t grow and be able to smoke anything I doubt in 2 months maybe not even 3 as you have to dry and cure it too.

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Okay thank you I guess you are right its like a hobby and everything good takes time. But I got another question how important is the drying time my mother got one of these devices that can dry stuff like Fruits. Is it important to dry it slow or can u set it on like 104-113 grad F?


Not sure the exact temp, but I believe anything over 80F will start to degrade the terpenes and dull the taste of your end product. Also, it’s possible to dry too fast or too much which will make it hard for your buds to actually smell like bud, more like grass or hay.

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Maybe do not wait until the full plant is done, cut some buds once they are decent and start them drying and curing. Dont wait for the full plant to finish. I know someone that does that. They leave the plants grow and just cut off buds.

It is slow at first, but once you get the grows going, your good. It is just the slow start up.

Hi I just ordered my first seed/strain to grow and I am so hyped, my grobo should arrive this or next week. Here is what I picked: Shiva Skunk from sensi seeds I read that this strain does not grow too high and its a photoperiodic one. I listened to a few members who dont suggest autos because you have less control I hope it is a good choice :grimacing: