I'm updating our recipes, what strains or cultivars should I add?

Were they black or white seeds?

Mostly brownish one is kinda of white. I think the size is what surprised me, I’ve put a pic below with 4 of the feminized and one “bag seed” gender and strain unknown but I would call it averaged sized.

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Thanks for sharing that. I’m not a pro by any means they all look relatively ok but 3 look better than the rest. I understand dark seeds _can _ grow but usually stunted as I understand. Here is a sample of some of mine.

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Canuk is a combo of Canada and UK breeding and is the True North in house brand. Several of my favorites are G13 Labs (Pineapple Express), Humboldt (Thai Lemon Kush) and Barney’s (Sweet Tooth). I find it is similar to different vineyards. Once you find a style you like, you stick with that producer/breeder. I find great pleasure in trying new strains each grow.


Not a fan of DNA

@Stephen @rainstorm3,

Looking forward to the tea recipe :wink: My only question is when can I get started :smiley:

Interesting fact about tea plants: “All tea is made from the same plant. Yes, you read right, all tea, whether it’s black, oolong, green, white, or pu-erh, comes from the Camellia sinensis plant in the same way that all wine comes from the grape, albeit different varietals.”




@Chris exactly! Which is why a tea recipe would be fun to try to play with. I love me a cuppa in the morning.

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@ToddYYC Looks like TrueNorth just got them in. Just purchased some and managed to get in before the 30% off deal which ends today. :+1:


Any of you guys know where I can locate any of the seeds from list I created?

I’m really searching for the Blue Knight and DJ Short Blueberry, however it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. So if anyone in the community can help me with a heading it would be greatly appreciated!


@ToddYYC So are you only going to use the lighter seeds?

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To start yes. Dont want to create any additional challenges than there already is. I haven’t had any luck with 4 of 5 of my last dark seeds.

@ToddYYC interesting, I’d love to hear @Stephen thoughts on this too. My seed knowledge is limited and the majority of the searches come back with the same responses.

Healthy seed colour for the most part is darkish with a mottled pattern but varies from strain to strain.

White seeds are a sign of immature seeds. (can vary from strain to strain)
White seeds tend to germinate quicker since their outer shell may not be has hard and cracks open quicker on germination.

The whole process of getting feminized seeds is what makes me think the apearences vary greatly opposed to bag seed.

I would be on the same train of thought if I had a lousy success rate with dark seeds.


I agree. Seems a bit strange that you are having issues with the dark mottled seeds, but may be a bad batch, had poor storage or an attack by something during germ. Usually the dark ones are more mature and have a higher germination rate overall. I avoid the pale seeds, although some strains (Dinafem Strawberry Amnesia for example) are much smaller and paler than I’m used to.

Bjorn and I chatted seeds in this video.


Can we see These

grease monkey, Kobe og, jet fuel, mamba og , green crack kush, Sunday driver , wedding cake , gmo aka garlic cookie or garlic breathe , cherry pie , gelato, San Fernando valley og, purple kush , wifi , Ak47 ,


Also can we see a generic recipe for male plants in case we ever want to cross make our own strain ??


Also there is a breeder in the northeast out of mass by the name of cotek his genetics are on rareseedbank/com and he has some WILD STABLE crosses going on like 3 guerillas x 3 Little Ogs . I tried it out and it completely knocked my socks off I don’t know if he is cultivar to
Look into


Thanks chris_barfield,

I’ll check them out. Interesting idea about a male recipe, I’ll have to mull that one over.


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Hey Stephen,

I found this strain I absolutely want to try. Check it out. It’s on Barney’s farm .com slash dr-grinspoon-5image
It’s an amazing heirloom pure sativa. It will need a longer flower time but what a beauty. I’m buying some today. Thanks again for all you do.




Let us know @Osage how your sativa does. It’s the least te ommended strainfir grobo so curious how it handles it

Hi rouleauj,

Nice find, good ol’ Harvard professor. Up to 14 weeks of just flower time, this will be a long recipe! I’ll add it in the next round for sure!