I was too buy a humidifier what size would be enough?

So it’s been very humid in Connecticut and might be a reason why my plant is going through it. So I’m wondering what size humidifier would I need as it would strictly be to help the grobo … ?

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Something that works for 500 ssq feet or less. Keep it to one floor in the house kinda thing


Like Todd said, but to be more specific, depending on the size of the room your grobo is in. I would have her in a room with good airflow, and average heat that isn’t too hot for you. If it is uncomfortable for you it will also be so for your girl. That said figure out the square feet of your room (length times width. Go to the place you will get humidifier and ask a clerk for a programable unit that fits your parameters

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Hey @chris_barfield

I’ll bite too. Growing (not just weed) is a science. Here is another consideration:

A dehumidifier actually works by taking air in and actually heats up the air to remove the moisture so a dehumidifier may fix your high humidity but now you’re heating up your grow area, doh.

The Fix.
If you live somewhere like Southern Ontario or a any hot humid state where it’s not uncommon to have spells 40+ Celsius with a humidity of 90% air conditioning is the only solution. I’m not saying run out and buy an AC unit but a humidifier on its own may not be the answer for an overheated grow room.

An A/C united vented outside will perform both functions. Dehumidify / Cool

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@Azuri ahh I see thanks puts things into perspective … @Osage the room the grobo is is my living room so there’s tons of air circulation in this room as there are fans and sometimes ac in the room… but there are no doors to block off the other rooms attached to the living room so the ac never really gets a chance to fully cool down the room… the room is about the size of an average bedroom maybe a little bigger but not by much…

This might sound dumb but are air conditioners dehumidifiers as well? I see some that are acs but have the ability to dehumidify.

I’m not opposed to running out and grabbing a dehumidifier as when I move I’m going to try a grow tent and more conventional grow setup and I’m sure I’d wanna use it for that too…

I’ve also saw some wireless dehumdifiers that have magnets that would fit perfectly inside the grobo but I’m not sure if they are programmable or not …

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That’s exactly what it is. AC is a dehumidifier (removes moisture from air) then it cools the air again for your comfort.

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have you checked to see what the humidity is at inside your grobo. using like a stand alone temperature/humidity gauge.

Be very careful what you place inside. I’d hate for anyone to get sick after smoking or eating their plant because its tainted with something Inside inclusive of the no smell containers previously discussed.

Humidifier will make it more of less humid
Air conditioner will just cool the room
Air purifier will clean your air, remove smell and create a high air flow. Maybe the best option esp for your living room.

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What are the thoughts on putting this in the grobo. Says put it in closets food pantries made for boat environment perfect for here in Hawaii. Trying not to spend a few hundred on a dehumidifier.IMG_20180917_083712002|375x500


I would not put them in the grobo as you don’t know if it will affect taste and what not


Hey @Ctaylor684,

I don’t recommend putting that inside the Grobo. You may try in the room where the Grobo is located, but not inside the unit.



Thanks guys that’s what I love this forum for all the input!!



Measure your rooms width and length a d multiple them together. That’s your sq footage

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As a guess it’s likely between 200 to 400 for a single room. Living rooms or basement can range up to 1000 or more