I was a very frustrated grobo first timer

So I’m on my third grow with the grobo and I love it. However my first grow almost made me send the unit back as the probe needed calibration even though they said it didn’t when you first receive the unit. I’d advise you calibrate your probe before your first grow as it’s been amazing ever since. The first grow was a nightmare and nothing went well and a few in the community wanted to bicker with me over it instead of listening. Anyway. I wanted to share for first time users. :pray:t3:


Hey @Tebori,

Great tip!

Thanks for sharing that experience. For new users, when your machine arrives, you will find we’ve included a couple calibration pouches for you right from the beginning in case you want to check the health of your pH probe.



That’s the perfect addition which I’m sure will fix some of the first time grows that may be out of calibration.


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Same happened to me. My first grow was using up way too much of the #2 bottle which was a sign the ph sensors needed to be recalibrated. Stacey walked me through it and after 25 min or so they were running smoothly. I did have to end my first grow after 10 days which made me debate whether or not i would return the unit. Figured I’d try again; almost 7 days in and already have the little guy poking through the cocopod. Excited to see the progress next week. But yes, i think everyone should calibrate the ph sensors on their first grow.


I unfortunately did my entire grow as they didn’t think it was a sensor issue but it was. My 2 was being used up as well. So not having any answers a an entire problematic grow was quite frustrating. Glad you figured it out and stuck with it.