I am in a weird dilemma with my tropicanna poison

Greetings family so I am on the fence about this decision a number of things I could do.(BACK STORY) so as you all know I am Growing TROPICANNA POISON. so the last time I posted was a recovery photo from my prior problem. Things are going amazing we are on the day 1 of TRANSITION so a few days ago I spotted orange like spots on the end of my fan leaves. and did not really think about it. today I had to take some type of action. I trimmed off all the fan leaves that had these spots. I am thinking RUST FUNGUS for sure all my nuts look good. even the roots look good. I have water chiller inside set to 21c and also co2 to give her a little boost.
SIDE NOTE it appeared that the larger leaves were all affected.
you guys last time were amazing and of course please anyone with insight to my dilemma please comment.
there were a few things I was thinking about doing the most important thing I got rid of anything that had spots and even if it was a light spot snipped.
option 1: I removed the infected leaves and just wait and continue and not go back a stage.
option 2 : Go back a stage and extend another week of LATE VEG. now (side Note): I already extended her in late VEG due to my first issue I thought she was not fully developed.
option 3 : TERMINATE AND RESTART I just don’t want to do anything rational but also do not want to waste time.
GROW FAM must say I am stuck with indecision.
FIRST FEW PICS ARE what I am seeing on the end of the bigger fan leaves.

the next photos are going to be before I removed the affected fan leafs and after I removed.


like I said anyones insight or help or recommendations or advice are always welcomed. what would you guys do if you were in my situation.


Your plant looks amazing my first plant was doing the same thing I was told not to worry just trim affected leaves she is doing great do not terminate keep her growing she in a great spot and looks amazing!! Here is mine!!


The leaves develop those rust spots I do not know why, mine has stopped producing them as much still have some heat spots and discoloration on some leaves being so close to light now!! She looks golden just watch out for light during flowering stretch, which I can not push my cocoa pod down anymore due to the roots being stuck in the lid in the slanted funnel part where the cocoa pod sits!!


My gosh first thank you for responding man yeah I was getting kinda worried it looked like a small issue. But I really do not want to lose her and all my progress. I am so glad this is a some what normal thing. I just had no idea really what was going on with her.
But thank you yes she has come a long way from the last time you saw her man and she is loving that co2 and water chiller such a SMART purchase. Much needed for winter. from those pics you saw any advice you have man please or extra technique. as of right now I am doing nothing crazy when it comes to growing techniques. Due to her being an auto flower so that’s my next batch. but thanks for putting nerves to ease. Greg you are a very insightful member thank you for the help my brother.



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I started adding AN Bud Candy about 3-4 weeks ago when flower started, it has worked great the plant is absolutely loaded with trichomes since I last checked this evening, she will do good and better than mine most likely been using hydroguard for the roots and temp I do not check my temps anymore just add hydroguard every drain and fill! That’s all and of course pruning and bud stripping speaking of popcorn buds that will not yield much or any at all!
Happy growing mate