How to make good gummies?

Ok so I’m learning a bit about edibles, but I’m still a bit confused. I want to attemp to make gummies, because I like em, but I’m confused about the process. I understand I have to decarb my cannabis, prior to making oil or butter, but which would I use for gummies, oil or butter and how do I go about the process? I’ve heard people doing all in a small crock pot. Any care to chime in on the easiest method? I would greatly appreciate it. I’ve only ever made brownies and that was a while ago.


@Osage You need to make a tincture out of the decarboxylated cannabis. oil and or butter will not give you the best results

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Ok wolf, please elaborate on all steps. I’m totally inexperienced when it comes to making edibles. Step by step instructions would be greatly appreciated, and I’m sure will help others. Thanks in advance! :+1::v::fist:


You have to make a glycerin infused tincuture my process is this

Decarb weed
Wrap in a cheesecloth
Add glycerin to slow cooker (crock pot)
Stick the wrapped weed inside and leave it in there on warm
Then check every hour
Let it atleast do it’s thing for 8 hours
Squeeze the cheesecloth to help get out of all of the infused glycerin …

Then follow process for making gummies and add the tincture

When I made mine they came out good but too strong lol


Thanks Chris, that helps a bit! :+1::v::fist:

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Could I substitute using a MagicalButterMachine for the slow cooker process? I’ve had great success using it for making butter. I’ve been considering making gummies for a while now.

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Good question, inquiring minds want to know chris

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Never used one before but if works almost like why not ?

We have a Magic Butter 2 here in the office that I’ve run a couple batches of butter through. Very nice for baking. I’ve got some yummy sweet leaf (Obi Wan Kush, White Widow, Durban Poison mix) that is ready for a run of something. This tincture/gummy bears seems to be a good project…hmmmmm


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Well let us know how it goes and what the steps are please. They are getting $55 for 10 gummies here and they are really hit or miss which sucks when you pay that much.

I use the MB strictly for butter to augment brownies and fudge. If you work out a way to squeeze gummies out of it please give us some insight into your technique.

After many, many years of combusting and then vaporizing for 10+ years , I now only consume edibles…although expensive the easiest , least hassle way is buy a decarb machine like the Ardent Nova and an oil extractor (i use Levo oil infuser but the magic butter is also very popular) , the decarb takes about 1.5hrs and I set the extractor on 175 degrees for 8 hours… very little or no smell for the entire process… and very easy cleanup… I then make a batch of fudge using 1 cup of coconut oil, 1 cup of cocoa powder and 1 cup of peanut or almond butter… produces about 20 squares of 20grams each… they do have to be refrigerated or they melt


To figure out dosage… 1oz = approx 27g = 27000mg x 10% THC = 2700mg THC I decarb 10g at a time and end up with approx 9g after decarb …then rough grind and place in the levo infuser basket…with 2 cups of oil… The 2 cups of infused oil contain approx 900 mg thc so in my batch of fudge (which uses 1 cup of oil ) there is approx 450mg Thc so each of the 20 fudge squares (of 20g each) contain about 22mg thc I usually consume about 1/3 of a square or 9mg a serving… all rough extimates For each new batch I start with 1/2 of a normal serving (1/3 square) to avoid overconsuming… if not strong enough vape some …next day trying more…


The recipe is not baked just combine the ingredients and pour in a form