How to control soil ph instead of hydrophonic ph

I recently purchased a grow tent with a kind led 300 watt light that costed me all a pretty penny . I started my first grow , and everything was going smooth untill my plant started getting sad and dying of nutrients burns, i phed my water at 6.5 and put it in the soil and no help at all shortly later about a week later I decided to cut her down , and now I’m terrified to start any other because of it . I just corrected and calibrated my ph pen before making the water 6.5 ph . I dont have a soil tester for ph . Can anyone in the community help md out on what I might need and whats good and not good . The grobo has been going smoothly i just recalibrated and started another auto my last auto in the grobo . Now I just need to learn how to grow correctly in the soil . :slight_smile:


Read the section on soil grows. Step by step
I found it useful on my dirt grows so far and havent had any ph issues yet.


I think my problem was not letting the water sit to let the ph give the right ph , how long should I wait ? Is a dripper really necessary? It looks simpler, looks way easier . I always do less i pour just enough for it to drip out into the cap , and i drip it into the bottles its hard because the blue lab pen is so big . So its hard to get a reading .

TBH, the PH meter i have for dirt is a metal stick you push in, its fairly accurate from what i can tell and dirt is sitting around 7.0 - 7.2 for the most part. I know dirt can get up to 8.0 i believe. I havent had to add nutrients yet to the plants in the foxfarm dirt or not full dosage anyways.
I dont soak it in the water pre pour when i do, just dump it in the bucket give it a mix.
You can always give it a bath in the water to cleanse it, that can help if you screw up the PH, there is a section on the website on that. I think soak it in pure water and then wait till dry and start adding onto whatever PH you reset too by the soak. This is why i think those air pots and fabric pots work best. Really lets the plant get air to the roots and not stay too wet.