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So im in like wk 7 of flower and my fan fell on one of my plants splitting the main stalk significantly so i taped it up. My question is will she make it at this point late into flowering? @Todd.grobo @anybody


@Farmercuetical can you post some photos?

A lot of injuries like that can be recovered from enough to finish harvest. Sometimes not though. Its taped which is what you needed to do.

Share some photo love please :slight_smile:




im no surgeon but i tried my best with what i had


As long as you can keep most of the piece touching where it was and a piece of tape wrapped around it AND keeping it held up (as it wont have the strength now on its own) it should survive. Might even be the better bud as its super stressed out now.

If the leaves start to droop though and it doesn’t look well, unfortunately i’d cut it off so it doesn’t cause issues to any other buds because it will start to die and rot.

I have seen some crazy splits work with duct tape so fingers crossed for you @Farmercuetical

Keep us posted!


is she done ? She hasn’t had a drink in afew ,due time and my. Air vents been closed all day too @Todd.grobo


It does look toast. Very sorry. What happened with your vents? Too hot today? I havent started a new grow yrt because of the heat dome. Are you ok? Cool enough? Plants will suffer no doubt. Im hoping for no root rot atm.

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I added a zip tie and watered her seems she was just thirsty bounced back looking better condition

thank goodness!