Help Needed

Autos dont really like to be defoiliated because they havd a short grow period which doesnt allow them to recover.
You may want to rely more on grobo supports to keep leaves away from bud sites when growing autos.
However I still think it wise to keep your flower bed/floor from any dragging, spotted or large fan leaves early on.
With that said definitely remove the lowest, biggest leaves! :eyes::seedling:

Topping: image

image !

If you need help just post a picture of the area your getting ready to top and we can walk you through! :eyes::seedling:

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I don’t see any little growths on mine like this (from the picture below) where the small red line is. So I am not sure what to do.

Here is a close up on mine. It’s on top of the main thick center stem. Wouldn’t that be the main bud like on the videos? Or because it’s a auto that doesn’t happen?

Also, making sure I am correct in understanding, don’t trim autos - but this time because they were touching the bottom and I didn’t have supporters it’s recommended to take just the bottoms off? I placed a :x: on the ones I should clip off just this one time (some X’s are the same leafs).


You have chosen the correct leaves to remove!
These are usually removed before late veg.

If you take your thumb and index finder,
lay it on top of the bud site within the red circle and stroke the leaves downward with the thumb and index , sorta like you do when you make a picture wider on your phone screen.

This will open up the plant so you can see the inside, which will expose a small set of leaves for you to remove with your fingers or shears. :eyes::seedling:


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Okay……I did it! I only sniped the center one - and left the other two little ones on the sides of it alone. This is correct, right? I really don’t see those formations on the other branches yet or missed it on this level of forming. But when I do, I just do the same thing? My hands were shaking, lol.

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You only top the uppermost one. if you want to top again, the two shoots that grow out of where you just cut would be what you top but i don’t recommend going that far on your first grow.

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Can’t be sure without a pic of what you cut or a pic of the plant you cut…:eyes::seedling:

Okay here it is….




I did it correctly?


Yeah. Good job!


Congratulations! You have successfully topped your first plant!!! :rainbow::eyes::seedling: