Help brown yellow spots! Possible deficiency

Hello allgrowers,
Habe a big Problem!
Unfortunately, i have perhaps also due to the problem with pump a new deficit with my Test offspring.
She is now 32 days old.
But She is very mini in comparison with my main plant.
Till now she stood in the grobo as Well.
my experiment coco grown up hydro then rebedding in soil there seems to be a hard deficiency?!(see photo)
possibly calcium or magnesium? can you help me? what should I do?
until now I have only watered with the change water from the grobo mixed with distilled water.
is it overfeeding or undersupply?
Have fertilizer for Normal earth , coco pods as well as Hydro ordered.
This unfortunately comes only but next week Thursday…
Have out of desperation and asked the neighbor for a house usual fertilizer can I use this?
Out of necessity I even let my coffee grounds dry from this morning.
Would this possibly be a help to tide me over?
Many thanks in advance.
Hope for help


Hey @GrandmasterFlashHP Welcome to the community!

Congrats on purchasing a Grobo and starting your first plant! In the beginning we all can be a bit ambitious and anxious to grow but if you are new it’s ok to take it 1 plant at a time.

The Grobo is designed for one DWC hydroponic grow at a time. Unfortunately you won’t be able to keep that other plant inside the Grobo much longer. Trying to pull off a successful hydro and soil grow the first go-around might be too much?



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Thanks for the numerous tips!!! have my little girl and the larger Experimenten sister relocated for the time being in a seperates tent and this planted separately from my Main Lady in the Grobo.will heed the tip to let them first dry out to be able to then rebed. Thank God my fertilizer arrived yesterday evening by Expdess parcel service. Have the lady still yesterday only after scheme of ATA a small vitamin injection missed.
This is what she looks like today…
I am a little worried about these red pose the leaves. They also feel very dry. Should I repot her immediately or wait until the fertilizer is working and she is stronger?


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Thats how her sister Looks Like.(36 days old,only Soil)
Which push method can or should I apply?
Thanks in advance

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