Hello, Green Grower here. Which one?

I decided to grow instead of buy. But I have a quick question: I ordered the solid Grobo because the premium doesn’t enhance performance. But now I really like the way the premium one looks and it would be nice to look without opening. Those who bought the solid, are you happy, do you regret it? For those who bought the premium, are you glad you spent the extra money?


I have the premium. I think it all depends whether or not you like the bright glow from the window of the machine. It sure does light up a dark room so keep that in mind. Fluent glass is cool but I rarely use it to check on my plant. If you’re looking for the full experience, bright light and a couple hundred bucks extra aren’t an issue, then I would go premium.


I have the premium, I’d say that it isn’t necessary for me because I don’t have the discipline to look through the viewing window. Id much rather look at the plant with unit open. I also think the solid box would give me way more options to place the unit out in the open. All that being said, I do just like the blue glow sometimes and after I’ve viewed the plant with unit open I’m able to just peer through the glass. Im happy with it, but id be just as happy with the solid unit.

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If you place a hygrometer / thermometer inside of the Grobo, it’s convenient to be able to just press the button on the back to take quick glance at the readings rather than opening the door everytime. But you could also invest a couple of dollars on an additional meter outside of the unit or a wifi enabled one that would allow you to view the data via your phone.

As a beginner I am always looking through that window and checking on my plant, but I suspect with time and experience I’d be more chill about the process and less manic which would make the window inconsequential.

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Tough choice, both have their pros and cons. I went with the Premium but I love the discreet design on the Solid.

IMO, the window on the premium is useless. I can’t see anything through mine. Even at the end of the grow cycle your plant hardly reaches the bottom of the window anyway. More components on it to break. More places for skunk air to escape.
Good decision going with the solid.

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“More components on it to break”

Yeah, this is true - mine has a small area of damage where the glass is inactive. I think moisture got in, but I’m not sure.


Sure you can’t see the plant in the early stages, but it’s definitely visible once the plant moves into stage 2 and 3. Unless you’re growing a bonsai tree?

I know when you first get the premium you’ll have to activate the glass many times to ‘warm it up’. Once that happens it’ll be much easier to see through once activated. I’ve also noticed that there are a couple angles which you are unable to view the plant, it’s really not a deal breaker

Nah, not growing a bonsai tree. I’m growing cannabis. And you have to be a very very good grower to get it to reach correct height and use correct and full capacity of the Grobo without burning off your buds.

Here’s a pic of what it looks like with the 3 different light spectrum’s, compared to the plant inside. @Speagler can easily look at these pics and determine how useful the glass door is (zero use).

Google Photos


Objective data! I like it! I think I’m gonna stick with the solid. Less conspicuous is always nice. Thanks guys! I’m stoked to start growing.


Hey, green grower! Premium user here, and I have it inside a closet. I have never tried tried to look inside through the glass. So, glass door is pretty useless in my case. Happy harvest!

I agree. Pretty useless.

Oh yeah, I should mention that you can really only see anything through the glass if you go up close. Otherwise it looks like this pic.

I have a mixed opinion of the glass door.

  • On my original (newer) unit I can barely even see through it when the button is pressed, can’t make out the numbers on hygrometer at all and definitely can’t take a very clear pic through it.
  • On my used (older) unit the glass goes nearly transparent when the button is pressed, this seems as though it’s the way “it should be”.

Based on my original purchase, I thought the door was a useless addition that just made the device look cool with the constant blue hue emitted. After picking up the 2nd unit I love the way the glass functions (on that one) but just wish they were both consistent.

If anyone has any tricks for fixing the unit that won’t go fully clear I’m all ears! :slight_smile: It’s nearly a year old and functions the same as it did when I got it, it didn’t wear out a bit over time.

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Older unit on the left, newer unit on the right.

Note; the doors aren’t latched on these pics, that’s why so much light is coming through that crack. :slight_smile:

That pic is with “camera mode” enabled on both simultaneously


Ok- I guess there is mixed reviews here.

I should state, from my perspective, you cannot see ANYTHING through my glass. No matter how close or far you stand away from it, and no matter which of the 3 light spectrum’s is on.

I guess people may be alluding to the fact that mine is broke then.

So, yet again, do not go with the Premium. Extra pieces that just break and don’t apparently work!!

NO WAY!!! Ok… mine is definitely busted then.
I might admit, this might be kinda cool to have if mine actually worked like this.

Thanks for sharing your photo. @vegetato

I’ve seen people mention they get better over time. My older unit is roughly or at least 1 year older than my newer unit so I would’ve expected it (the right one in pic) to fade a bit by now if it was going to.

This has reminded me to check in on that, will let you know if I find a solution to get the glass looking similar on both. It might be there was a change in components over the years and the old style is no longer available?

Is your glass just like Vegtato’s 2nd pic or does the glass look more foggy?

More foggy, see the pics I posted up in the thread.

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