HARVESTED - Lamb's Bread Auto

I typically pinch all bottles hoses twice during the grow, just to ensure nothing bottle necks as i empty bottles into new bottles and sometimes there is debris or color change in the bottles, typically in 4 and 5.


Update: Did the weekly scheduled drain/fill but this time I did not add any supplements. I just pH’d the water. After filling I heard bottles #3 and #4 dispense but nothing from #5.

I tested the drained water that was removed and it had a PPM of 1400! Since bottle #5 didn’t dispense and I have what looks like Cal/Mag deficiency I added 20ml of Cal/Mag afterwards. Any other suggestions team?

Sounds like you’ve found a partial fix, with adding cal/mag after if you notice it didn’t do it on its own.

Another thing you could try doing is to partially drain the reservoir before adding your cal/mag. After it has dispensed nutrients but before you add cal/mag let things settle for 2-3 hours (hopefully long enough for the nutes to mix a bit) and then check the ppm in the res. If it’s too high you can take some water out and then add fresh water back in. Since it’s not a complete drain+fill (all 3 sensors not floating) it shouldn’t dose any more nutes.

To do a partial drain/fill this is what I do:

  1. start to do the drain
  2. when about 1/2 to 3/4 of a gallon is emptied click pause or press the back button on grobo
  3. unplug grobo from wall, wait 10-15 sec, plug it back in
  4. when grobo says draining done (if it hasn’t yet it will in a sec) then click fill
  5. use some fresh water to do the fill

This will dilute the strength of the nutes that are in the res a bit.

I’d check ppm in res again after that’s settled for a few hours as well. If it’s to your liking then add the cal/mag.

Also, double-check for kinks in #5 hose anywhere or for it to be pinched down by another hose somewhere or by the cap itself, it can sometimes happen over course of grow if something gets bumped.

You might also need to push the drain hose on the inside of the res down further or as far as it’ll go (through the plastic hole in white thing). If that helps then it could be that it was just leaving too much behind and that’s enough to keep the ppm high after a refill. Checking ppm before it goes in and immediately after might help to show if there is something like this happening.

Another thought was the starting PPM of the water – did you happen to get that reading? Maybe it was a bit high to begin with, causing it to skip the cal/mag?


PPM of water going in was 14 using RO water. Thanks for all the great advice!

Another question - does your drain line have the filter cap on the end of it?

Besides that, another thought is that you might just have something built-up on the EC sensor itself, try sliding that out and take a peek. If you notice it’s dirty with just wipe it off with a q-tip or something for now and make plans to get the EC+pH probe maintenance kit if you haven’t yet.

Edit: this is what the EC sensor looks like, and it’s the inside part between those two plates (poles) that you want to clean (where the arrow is pointing):


Update: Did a drain/fill last saturday and confirmed bottle #5 dispensed along with 3 and 4. Support adjusted the setting to command bottle #5 to dispense at EC 1 rather than 0.5. The orange spots do seem to have slowed down.

I think I am getting close to harvest. Can’t post any pics with trichs but I do have good loupe’s and they are about 50% cloudy. Maybe another week or so until I flush.


nice looking good. Were going to finish around the same time. In day 5/10 of flush currently, but likely will leave it 10 more days. Well see how quick she ripens. Not as sticky as previous plants, nor AS aromatic, but good looking nuggets for sure.
cant frak up my drying now :slight_smile:


Did the plant suffer a cal/mag or iron deficiency? @Stephen

Hey @miami5th,

Something was a bit out of whack on this one for sure. Looks like you will be able to cross the finish line though. If you hit me up at support@grobo.io I can check it out.


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hello sir! @Stephen zendesk ticket # 15874

I started the Flush today. Day 1/10

Hey @miami5th,

Looks like the unit was registering you were using tap water and removed bottle 5. By backing off adding extras to the tank, the unit is able to begin it’s regular dosing schedule again. Sometimes less is more my friend. Let us know how the final product turns out eh?



Harvested today! Day 89 overall. Day 9/10 Flush. About 30% amber trichomes. Very happy with the results!!! Jamaican Lamb’s Bread Auto

Will post weights after drying but here are some pics to enjoy



That looks like a really good harvest! Glad your plant made it till the end :slight_smile:

What’s the smell like?

Tons of trichomes!


@pyromancy she smells great! A bit skunky and musty too. The scent reminds me of a humid wooden shack by the beach in Jamaica


@BigNif_313, @SWSVIC, @Todd.grobo, @Stephen


Some fat buds in there, very nice job!


Looks like a good grow, waiting for your dried weight :slight_smile:


Sounds goooood :slight_smile: Those colas are large!


Awesome brother, great work! Looking forward to the smoke report!