Hard water high Calcium

I live in Copenhagen, Denmark :denmark: we have good water here but it contains a lot of calcium and we get crazy build up. I’m lowering the ph to correct range but should I soften water? Do I need to get ppm meter to figure this out? Also I and getting what looks like magnesium deficiency but I’m not sure if calimag is even an option with the already high calc levels?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Hey @Dmolisha, softening your water certainly will not hurt your plant. Do you have any pictures of her? It’d give us all a better look at whats going on. Where you at in your grow?



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How did my post disappear

My guess is they restored to a earlier backup date after the site crashed on the long weekend. Many forum posts went poof. :desktop_computer: :floppy_disk: :dvd:

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That explains this… :green_thumb:
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@SilverGrobo and @Azuri are both correct. Sorry to hear that your post disappeared @Mcmanis!



Ahh your soil growing. I still believe you should not be using tap water on your babies. You need to get distilled or ro water. Give her a fighting chance it’s easier to add in what you need than to take out what doesn’t belong. Good thing for you shes young and resilient. You can fix her. Remove the dying leaves they aren’t coming back just wasting energy.


Yeah both, a couple recirculating hydro and a couple in some coco-soil. The hydro is doing a bit better than the soils atm.

I switched to hydro because I killed my seeds in soil.

Hey @Dmolisha

Yup, @Mcmanis is on the money. If you’re using distilled water you will need to add some cal/mag and as always check your pH after adding nutrients, supplements etc.

I use this product for watering. I add 1/2tsp per gallon to distilled water at any stage of the plants life except for seedling germination.