Growing fundamentals

Hello all. Does anyone have a grow walk through as far as limited the amount of colas for nice thick colas ? Also main branch identification etc. I’ve read many articles and still am not clear on some of these basics.

There are many opinions. I have spent more time on this site than I would like to admit and can answer this based on many posts. The ideal number of main branches seems to be 6 from the majority of what I have read. For colas, 6-9 seems to be the max based on the size of the grobo and strength of the light. Get ready for a least a few to chime in to say they have done way more but you risk bud density if you stretch the amount of colas.


Thanks. I appreciate your feedback. So if we are aiming for less colas then why top the plant and create more colas and more branches? I’ve seen some of the grows on here with around 6-7 colas that are huge and thick. Trying to figure that out.

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It’s all about bud sites. In theory you could grow one branch of a plant in veg for months while pinning it down and wrapping it around itself. The one branch would then produce multiple bud sites that would stretch up and form colas. So you could get say 12 colas from one branch.

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This is to even out the hieght of the colas so they canopy is all one hieght and gets even amounts of light.