⛺ Grow - GG#4 / Blue Dream / Hutchcroft **Harvested 636 grams**

Excellent ! Thank you so much for great info…gotta give it a try.


Thanks for sharing! Thats awesome. I “accidentally” cured some bud this way once but didn’t know I was even doing that. I had some bud that was pretty dry and was probably never cured properly. It wasnt very potent. So I sealed it with boveda packs for a rainy day. When I was low on my “quality bud”, I opened the vac seal and the bud was 1000x times better. Ive been burping my latest harvest in jars for about 5 days, but I think I’m going to vac seal them now. :facepunch:


That’s awesome, thanks for sharing! The buds also came out looking so much more professional this way as well. The bud quality so far does look distribution ready at this point, but I’m definitely curing much longer :slight_smile:


Great tip!


Look at the size of that one


Took a small batch of Hutchcroft and GG4 out for sampling after 10 days in the vac seal. The aroma of the buds are on point and they are super dense and sticky after separating the buds from another. I also took some closeup shots of the buds. They are in the small 1/8 jars in the photo (for those curious for scale)


GG4 (Gorilla Glue)


Modified the gummy recipe a bit and made another batch. This one came out much better than the last one. The last recipe uses lecithin which gave the gummies a fruit snack like texture. I swapped lecithin out for guar gum, honey and citric acid. The results turned out great, the texture is is very gummy (sort of reminds of me this local product called lazy fruit), I heard that maltic acid is also good to use, I will probably try that next and compare, but I do like this current recipe a lot.

Extra Strength Canna Coconut Oil
2 oz bud
32 oz coconut oil

Fuse decarb bud into coconut oil, I used a sous vide method but any method works

Gummy ingredients

  • 9oz Lime Green Jello Powder
  • 3 tbs of unflavored gelatin
  • 1 tsp guar gum
  • 4 tbs kool-aid sour green apple
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 tsp citric acid
  • 1 tbs honey
  • 4 drops of Lor Ann’s concentrate fruit drop apple
  • cornstarch


  1. Bloom the gelatin in 1/2 cup of cold water
  2. Simmer the other half cup of the water and kool-aid, honey and Lor Ann’s flavor drops,
  3. Add the flavored jello powder, set heat low and mix gently but well
  4. Add unflavored gelatin, and continue to simmer and mix gently but well (a silicone spatula works great for this)
  5. Take off heat and add citric acid, gently mix well
  6. In a separate bowl, mix the canna oil with guar gum
  7. Pour the canna oil mixture into the jello mixture and continue to gently mix well. If there are oils floating to the top, mix more guar gum with canna oil and add to the jello mixture, continue to mix until all the ingredients binds well.
  8. Fill molds and freeze for 20 minutes
  9. Remove from molds and toss in light cornstarch
  10. Let gummies dry until desired chew is achieved then store in air tight containers.


Look :eyes: gd how do they taste :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


They taste like candy sour apple with a hint of coconut oil at the end. Taste much better than the first recipe. I’m glad i made these adjustments to the recipe.


I definitely will try it when I reach that point :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


Can you deliver though lol


Thank You!


Just got a vac sealer and will be trying this out :eyes: for sure. I love your methods and idea. Great work Vic. :fist_right::fist_left:

I was hoping I’d learn a lot in your Hiatus and catch up but here you are growing again :laughing:
Best of luck to you as always dude. I learn so much every time I’m on your thread. Also, I have some Alpha Brain in the mail on your recommendation I can’t wait. Memory and focus will have me so confident in myself.

I appreciate you bro enjoy your blessings in harvest :pray::pray:


Thank you @OrionsCeiling , I’m glad I get to share the journey and thoughts along the way, at the same time, I learned a lot from this community including from you. Data and feedback from peer growers are very helpful and important so without you guys I my growth would have been stunted. You’re in luck I am going to have to take a break after all :laughing:

Thats awesome you got a vac seal, you’ll enjoy the results. Use the gentle seal setting to seal, it will give you a better final shape.

Lmk how you like the alpha brain, I use it almost daily, especially on days I need to focus more.


Thanks for the tips! And recipes :candy: I’m trying this technique on my recently harvested Coco :coconut: Melon :melon:

Have you seen the resealable bags :briefcase:?


That’s great! Please let me know how you like the results. I was thinking of getting some of those reusable manual sealing bags as well, it would be much better for the environment. Will definitely get some!


Will do. I split it half and half for an experiment :petri_dish:


Cure update from hutchcroft, smells super gassy coming out of the vac seal bag.

Also here’s something fun to share from our lab for a up and coming genetic business that I am now a part of.

We are running about 200 seeds from our test packs this run to hunt for keepers as well crossing a collection of seeds I’ve gathered the past few months. Huge special thanks to @FireGuy, we will have alot of new crosses on deck soon.

Have to move them into a 4x4 tent to prep space in the veg room for them.


They look :eyes: real nice :+1:t2: an tight I know with the humidity drop that makes it tight do u think :thinking: :thought_balloon: that method u did increased the tightness of it :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


The vac seal definately makes them much tighter and dense. I really like this technique and will use it going forward. I’ll cure them in jars when consuming or flexing lol