Grobo Swag. Shears?

Hey all. Correct me if I’m wrong, maybe I’m just dreaming, but wasn’t there an area of the site that allowed me to buy some tools? Was looking for a pair of pruning shears and I vaguely remember them being available on the site to order but I can’t find them in the shop.

I suppose I can snag a generic pair off of amazon… but I’d rather support my Grobo guys by purchasing some branded swag!

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Lol @SterlingNico,

You aren’t dreaming, we did introduce some additional products, but quickly sold out. We are working with a fulfillment center system to ensure product is available to you, so you may see them return soon.



@SterlingNico - The shears are back on our site! We’ve added in a cool microscope too that you can attach your phone to and take nice trichome pictures with. It will take about a week before they are in stock in the US and will begin shipping.