Grobo Start - Hard Pass

I also ordered the Grobo Starter and I’m hoping the peat pods will help mitigate the damping off issues we’re all having


Did the support team check your water sensors?

I had to terminate my grow. It wasn’t getting any taller, and the stem wasn’t stable at all. When I removed the coco pod with the plant in it the stem broke clean off, so it wasn’t going to survive much longer.

I am out of coco pods, thanks to the 4 failed grow’s due to damping off. One of the plants in my tent is the same strain and it is flourishing to the point I have to trim it every couple days. This pretty much tells me that it’s a coco pod issue and not a genetic issue. I find it really odd that I had 4 failed grows in a row with coco pods from the same batch.

@Stephen and @bjorn is this one of the reasons why you are switching to the peat pods? I will say that I am not impressed at all with the 86% failure rate with the coco pods I purchased from you.

Going to think about it for a couple days before I make up my mind, but I am leaning towards selling my Grobo, or just throwing it into storage. Right now all it is to me is a $2000.00 ($2500+ if you include all of the seeds wasted) money sink.


I have only had one dampening off in the history of my grobo but my question is, do you top off your reservoir often, or inbetween the week before drain and fill day?
I never fill my reservoir until drain and fill day, maybe this can help your grow.


Nope, I don’t add any water once the grow is started. I don’t do anything until the first water change is due, and more often than not I put it off until the plant is ready for early veg.

One thing that I have seen in all 4 cases is the coco pod gets over saturated way too easily. From what I can tell is the coco pods I had were longer than the ones I previously. Even after the second water change the coco pod was still always saturated, even though the water level in the Grobo was lower…

Honestly if I could make my own coco pods I would make them with coco and perlite to help prevent the pods from retaining too much water.

EDIT: Decided to sell it.


I filled my reservoir only on drain/fill days (once a week) when my plant suffered from damping off. For my current grow (3rd seed attempt, my 2nd seed didn’t germinate successfully in the coco pod) I lowered the water fill level to the bottom/lower sensor to prevent the issue from occurring again. However, that may have caused another issue I experienced in doing so lol


I swear I thought I was the only one like this lol

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Well, I gave the start a go. My two autos I started in it never really took off so now I have these 3 months later. After a month I had maybe 2 nodes.

The jalapeño I started a month before the one in my aerogarden is still smaller and less healthy looking. I’m not a fan for a couple reasons but thats just my opinion.

  1. water changes are a pain
  2. the light doesn’t go high enough for doing other things like herbs
  3. I can’t see the timeline for what’s in there, there’s only the active schedule
  4. there’s no easy way to top off either
  5. for something designed for a plant that needs light, it doesn’t seem sufficient

If the start works for you, I’m glad. Maybe I’ll try my own nutes in the start next, since I’m not sure where the problem lies.


I had the same thing happen with auto in the start.


I have never seen anyone grow to flower in the start!
Can’t believe the light is efficient enough to support buds!
Why didnt you tranfer to the grobo after germination?
Having a designated area for fills would have been nice and

You can buy a light extension on the grobo site this august to make your light as tall as you need to!
I’m gonna get two more extensions! :eyes::seedling:


Due to overheats in the Grobo that I didn’t know were happening, the current plant was taking WAY longer to mature in flower than it should. By the time I was able to harvest my Grobo grow, the autos were already flowering so I just let them ride.