Grobo Start Functionality

@Stephen, firstly thanks for all the youtube videos (which made me aware of Grobo)! Secondly, is the following feasable?

  1. start a grow in the grobo unit
  2. while in veg, snip a clone and stick it in the start
  3. keep the clone in start until the originating plant has been harvested (with some flimming and trimming etc.)
  4. transplant the clone from start to grobo
  5. snip another clone, rinse and repeat

if so, this would imply that I do not need to get new seeds as long as I am fine with growing the same strain (and that i will surely buy the start).



I don’t think that is possible with the Grobo Start. But you could achieve that with 2 Grobos! Just keep one in the mother persistent veg mode. Use the other Grobo with clones and grow them out to harvest.

Hey @Edward,

You are most welcome! So here is the deal with your plan…

  1. You don’t snip a clone from a plant. You snip a cutting.
  2. You will have to root your cutting to turn it into a clone.
  3. Check out this video to see how I do this process.

So you may be able to root a very small cutting in the start as it does have a humidity dome, but it will be very small. If you are able to root those cuttings, your plan makes perfect sense!