Grobo Review - 6 months in (Verdict: pass on it)

@Sandycamel Sounds like you’ve used Zendesk before :joy:

Which platform(s) do you you recommend using?

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@Tito …your not the only who had problems …I had major issues as well . Message Me let’s discuss .

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I guess I’m the only one who enjoys the automation running. the system does as it states for the most part. There is some wording is change but nothing too major. Curious how the unit arrives in Russia and what customs thinks of it.


I am disabled and like that it is automated.


Hey Tito,

Not sure if you’re still tracking on this but if so, what role did the WiFi plug play in this setup? Thanks!

Wifi plug is essential for regular restarts (so I don’t have to go dig for the plug in the wall behind the unit) and to get push notifications when my box is off, so I can flip the garage breaker back or at least know something is up. It lets me also make sure, through power meter alerts, the light is turning on and off.

Plug with smart things and webcore let me setup push notifications in an afternoon. Add in a motion/lux sensor and I have all the data Grobo doesn’t provide to know of major failures. I looked into smart ph and EC probes, but using advanced nutrients/pH perfect means I never have PH problems and this strain I’m growing now is in much better shape than the last one using grobo’s nutrients.

Also, update: Grobo’s clear door let’s in so much light I had to put a towel over the door. My girl stretched and then didn’t flower and was stuck in transition for 31 days before I figured it out.

Seriously, go to Reddit, find microgrowery (or any of a dozen subreddits for personal grows) and you’ll have 50 options for making your own tiny grow for far less money, same support you get here, and can all sorts of other great ideas and hacks to make it easier.


Here’s the shift schedule showing my 180+ day plant, after being stunted in early veg from the above mentioned problems and again delayed in flower because of the door

And here’s how she’s finally looking. Mainline-ish as I couldn’t train each time I wanted because of stress and stunting. Still, 15 large colas and 5 smaller down below isn’t bad. For everyone who thinks your grow needs to be perfect: remember, it’s a weed.


still for sale?

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Gave it to my friend who bought it with me and just ate the cost of it. He’s gonna use it to grow tomatoes.

Update: I finally got a chance to replace the defective drain pump after harvest (58grams by using Advanced Nutrients). You can’t make this up: the pump was defective (mismatched in/out hoses - a known and common issue).

Then the final icing on the cake before I never deal with Grobo again: after I told them what address to ship to, they shipped it to my original address on file, which I was in the process of moving from. Never got that pump, but now we have it at the new address.

If we install it and the pump is defective again (my breath is currently held) I’ll take video of me driving to the Grobo office to leave on their front step.

Final verdict: just run away from Grobo. You can grow higher quality herb in a 5 gallon bucket with no air stone and a $150 Mars SP150. Sure it doesn’t look as nice but who wants a broken, sleek looking box that produces mids at best?


You’re right. If this was a beta product some flaws are to be expected but a finished product and it seems not much has changed since.

I wish I had seen your original post sooner before my purchase. I thought I scoured the forums pretty well. I guess not…

I knew I was in for a few bumps in the road and may need to purchase some additional items and what issues to look for. I took the gamble. I didn’t think it would have been as bad as an experience for an “automated” growbox.

I made this investment hoping that while being disabled I’d be able to grow fairly easily with some light maintenance. Since day one I’ve been fixing things that have been broken right out of the box. Careless errors that could easily be avoided with a careful construction and inspection before shipping. My Grobo was clearly sloppily put together. I’d have to take the whole thing apart to even start. I just fixed enough for it to function. There have been a few days where I’m spending a good hour or so fixing something that could have been avoided by no fault of my own. If it wasn’t for great advice from the users on here my plant and my sanity may not have not made it this far lol.

Overall, I am just truly disappointed in how much work I have to put in to a “low maintenance automated” device only just to end up frustrated and in more pain. I already invested way more than I wanted to and can only hope I can get back my investment’s worth… eventually.

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100% recommend you disconnct your probes and nutes and grab some Advanced Nutrients with pH perfect. My plants had some burn towards the end of flower, but completely no maintenance midweek. Once the pumps fail though, you’re SOL.

A 2x2 tent, Mars sp150, 5 gallon bucket kit with or without an air pump (kratky) will be way less maintenance. As for automation I don’t recommend smartthings anymore as their service is spotty as of late, so check out other systems including just manual timers and a few submersible pumps and you’ll be neat maintenance free all grow.

Double check your return period and such. Best of luck.


Thanks for the great tips! Will def look into it since I’m pretty much halfway there lol

The Grobo was in the return window but when I spoke to support about the issues it wouldn’t be feasible to return it.

I am curious though as to why my not so positive review was never posted on their main site and yet other very positive reviews since then have been posted … I wonder how many other not so favorable reviews are hidden… Not really a good look especially when the same complaints and issues have been addressed to be fixed but never put in action :face_with_monocle::thinking:

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I would say all of them.


Best kudos I can give Grobo is they allow an open voice on these forums. My thought is most people that get discouraged from Grobo just stop, don’t look for help here and assume they’re doing something wrong.

Would be curious to know churn for Grobo users.


@Tito @DiJade420 All i can say is, I feel u guys. i got mine in 2018 and the same issues keep on popping up… I still can’t believe they have not fixed the air pump… like everyone in this forum bought an emergency pump or already are using it (Thats insane to me). Best thing about Grobo is this Forum… To my surprise: When u fully take control of the Grobo: like use your own nutrients, PH/EC yourself, use your own air pump, and have some foundational knowledge of growing cannabis… It works pretty well LOL. What ever u guys doo!!! Keep growing!!


So when you don’t use anything Grobo except the shell, plastic Rez and light it works well? That’s worth $2k to me /s

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Honestly dude :fist_right:!
If I’d seen your post before I pulled the trigger It Would Have Stopped Me Dead :astonished::flushed:
Total Nightmare I agree :roll_eyes:!!!
But also Honestly & yes I had Air Pump Noise Issues in the beginning :neutral_face:!! but Grobo were straight on it :wink:, Sent Full Pictured instructions & even sent a free replacement pump so I hear ya bud :wink::flushed::fist_right: but hopefully things & the unit has improved somewhat
Definitely a Massive Curve to negotiate & I’m on my 4th attempt now :roll_eyes: making unknown silly mistakes :flushed:!! but fulfilling & testing @ the same time :wink:
Although as mentioned (I would NOT be a happy bunny ether dude)

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