Grobo Leaking?

Is it possible for the grobo to leak? Is the reservoir solid or are there cuts in the reservoir? I am trying to determine the source of the leaks. I checked all the tubes (chiller included) and they are dry.

The only thing that is new is a humidifier. Could the humidifier be the source of the water build up?


Hey @GuerrillaFartz

Any chance you moved it while it was filled? Assuming if you did that may be the cause of the spill over. You might consider when you do a drain to check the reservoir for a puncture or small hole

I’m literally just guessing here

@James Havent moved the grobo. On my next drain, would it be possible to remove the reservoir and inspect the seals. I remember there are 3 seals for the grobo to measure the water level (protected behind the clear plastic root barrier). Thats the only thing I can think of the potential source of the leaks, unless someone else has any ideas

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I haven’t opened mine up, sorry. Several other users have so we’ll likely see a response here. My guess would be it would be really easy to disassemble. Not a lot of moving pieces.

Was kinda hoping grobo would share a breakdown video or a pdf list of parts and potential upgrades we could do ourselves. Maybe another owner will put together a breakdown video of the unit

Since mines been functioning the few days I haven’t touched it other than to take readings.

Probably best to submit a helpdesk Ticket with your pics.

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Wow that shit is messed up, and quite frankly dangerous!!! Water and electricity :scream::scream::scream:. I’d check the drain and fill hose. It’s hooked to the side right where the water seems to be more pronounced. I’d be super careful though. I imagine a shock from that wouldn’t go well for you. Good luck


Oh and I’ve had a humidifier doing exactly what you are doing and NEVER had that issue. So it’s not that :+1::v:

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Take side and back panel off. I had a leak once and could not find source. Might have been condensation from chiller hose or res. I was at 64 degrees when this happened so I bumped chill up to 68 and no leaks atm. Only openings for res can be seen from the back panel removed which are water levels. Looks more like straight water I would suspect drain fill tubes or level grommets on back of res. Like Osage said I also don’t think humidity is causing that amount of water


This has happened to me before but never figured it out

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So when I got a chance to take off the back panel (didn’t try to get off the side panel), the leak seem to disappear. Couldn’t tell if there were water marks from level grommets on the back of the reservoir.

I assume the source of the leaks were from the drain/fill tubes (most likely) or condensation from the chiller tubes (unlikely as the tubes have not experience condensation yet). No other evidence to suspect other sources of leaks.


That’s good now to take side panel off and check your d&f tubes. Make sure to check full tubing on any hose related to water. Could have a cut or puncture on tubing. Do a d&f and check to see if it happens after that.


May have found the source of the leak with evidence, but the grobo did not leak during this drain/fill. :confused:

Also I noticed a broken clip for one of the water level sensors. Probably going to have to jerry rig something to keep it in place.


Wow thanks for sharing! I have yet to open a unit and wondered what it would look like inside. Not bad thanks for the view! :eyes::seedling:


@Bplatinum9 keep searching the forums, especially in troubleshooting. There’s some great pics of the inside.

Like here:



A simple quick fix for rigging in place if you don’t want to replace the plastic housing on the board. A little super glue or better yet PCB board epoxy if you can find the broken plastic clip/ piece. Make sure not to get any on the connectors if you try this. You could potentially rig it while on, but it’s always advised to remove power for lots of reasons including not shorting power to other devices connected to the board.

The plastic housing on the board appears to have shifted a little as well. It’s not a difficult fix, but would require powered off and hands on to replace the housing on the board. Board connectors and housing are really cheap tho. Might be better to just get a new board and ship the damaged one back? The white cable appears short or may have resulted in a shift during shipping pulling it with the casing from the board. Luckily, the clip broke before pulling the housing completely from the board. Sh*tty… sorry man.


So I finally figured out the source of the leak was due to my humidifier. It doesn’t seem possible that all that water come from the humidifier, but that is the source and I had to find out the hard way.

Use extreme caution when using a humidifier as it can fried your PCB#2 (bottom circuit board) like mine.


Fortunately I have the opposite problem. In the summer months I have to run my dehumidifier 24/7 with that being said I have to empty the tank every 24 hours and it’s full. I can definitely see a humidifier put that much water inside.

In my growing experience low humidity is the better of the two evils. Low humidity means less chance of powdery mildew and bud rot later in the grow.


My grobo also leaked it was the seal around the water level sensor the lowest one called grobo and they sent a replacement good to go no problems since then


I’ve been noticing a similar leak on mine - It’s in the same corner. I did replace my drain pump, so will prolly have to take the unit apart again this weekend.


Strangely, the issue just went away. One month, and no moisture.


I wonder if you had a little spill from the drain/fill hose being on that side? Good it went away anyway!