Grobo in box for sale

What’s up grobros and gals?

I’ve got a brand new grobo still in the ups box that I need to unload. I am moving and I am losing the space for 2 boxes. For $1500 I’ll even include the shipping! Need to move it ASAP! Had a previous buyer but he fell through. Thanks!

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Where is it located? :eyes::seedling:

Columbus OH! Depending on where you are in Michigan, I’d even meet you in Detroit

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I am interested in the grobo units email me asap

Interested could you add me on Facebook mj quinn

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Are you still interested?

Yes I am interested I don’t go on Facebook anymore do you have 2 for sale and how much? And where you you located

I see you are in Columbus I can come and pick them up you can call me at 313 266 3737

Evet ben de ilgileniyorum.

Did you ever buy it off of him and where you still looking into buying?

I was interested in buying another one and where are you located again? And how much are you asking for it?

Please let us know when this purchase has been made so we can close the post and inquiries will stop! :eyes::seedling:


I am interested in the grobo unit please email asap thanks

Soundings like a Grobo scam? or I’m just super high lol

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You’re high. Already sold one



That’s funny as heck……

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Yes and if you still have it email me