Grobo Grow Recipes

Hi fanatic,

Yes, the recipes are all from different seed banks, several European. I’m a fan of G13 Labs, Dinafem, Royal Queen Seeds and Dutch Passion. We are working on a better way to show off the recipes and their details, but wanted to share the list with everyone now, hence just the strain names. More to come!



I need a recipe for a Peppermint Kush! Please and thank you!!

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Hi Laoch,

Stella Blue crossed with Nepali Kush from Barney’s Farm? I’m in! I’ve added to the list of additions this week. Others on the list include Rebel Grown - Rebel Cookies & Double OG Sour Diesel, Canuk - Cheese & DNA - 60 Day Lemon. That peppermint kush might be one for the personal seed collection box. :wink:


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I’m really glad you guys put up a list of pre-existing recipes I wanted to ask about the sativa it seems after reading thru the forum that it will require more attention with trimming and other details does the app explain that process or will you be releasing videos in depth on sativa grows with grobo?

@stephen Wow that is a long list. NIce job guys. @Stephen Yes you got REbel Grown seeds!! Did you grow them yet? How are those babies doing? I got more questions @Stephen

  1. How are clones grown/used in the Gobro? As you know the seeds are super expensive ranging from 5-10 dollars from seedbanks. Trying save money where i can…My thought process is to get some clones grown from week 1-2 of flowering and save them so i dont have to start from seed. Can you discuss any drawbacks.
  2. Can you talk about HOney Oil. Never heard of it… (sorry wrong thread)
  3. Besides adding water, is there any user control over how the plant grows. For instance if we wanted to Veg or Flower a little longer? Or give it more nutrients here and there. ( i guess im in the camp of convenience but also i prefer some Human input)


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@Long great questions! I’m with you in regards to more customized control over the lighting and feeding schedule. Hopefully they are in the works of creating something similar to what we are discussing.

Have you received your Grobo yet?

Good questions everyone. Let me try and expand a bit…

  1. What is a Clone? It is a cutting that has grown roots, and is ready to be grown as a young vegetative plant. What is a Cutting? A cutting is a branch of a cannabis plant that has been removed and treated to become a clone. You will be able to select a clone recipe that takes you from rooted clone to final flower. That recipe is in the works. You will not (we are working on this in the lab currently) be able to take a cutting and root it in the Grobo One.
  2. I’ll explain a bit more about Honey Oil on this thread.
  3. It is coming. We are trying to strike a balance between user interaction and success. One of the biggest errors I’m seeing so far is that users are doing just that. Adding water. In fact it’s important to fully drain the unit weekly and fill it with fresh water. Our notifications are the first step in interacting with the unit and they are currently being expanded. We talk about the early stages of the plants life here

Thats the one… I have it started under an 8 Ball… Can you switch it out for me when you have it completed?

Also a recipe for a clone on this one would be good!!!


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@stephen I Just bought some Cookies&Kush from barneys, Tangerine dreams. Can you add those to those recipe list. thanks.

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Hi @Stephen

Looking into Ocean Grown Seeds. Are you familiar with this name and if I could I’d like to show a few examples to see if you can add these to the library:

  • Dark Helmet (H)
    (Forum GSC x Jawa Pie)

  • Tropic Moon (IH)
    (Malibu Pie x Vader OG)

Just wanted to pick your brain and see how exotic we can get with our selections. I will have a few additional strain questions later!


Hey Rich,

I’ve not used any of Ocean Grown Seeds gear and the website appears to be down.

I’ve scheduled some time to add a batch of recipes next week, so if anyone has any requests, now is the time!


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Sure can Jamminbear!

Hi Stephen,
this would be my wishlist:
Royal Queen Seeds: Sour Diesel
Humboldt Seeds Sour Diesel Auto

Dutch Passion AutoColorado Cookies
Sweet Seeds Gorilla Girl


Hi Stephen,

Thanks for looking into this, I saw these guys via Instagram. I’m going to place my next order via True North I’ve decided so I will be reaching out for that code after I make my selections.


@stephen i got more seeds stephen…
All from Barneys

  1. G13 haze
  2. CBD Shark…
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Nice choices!

I’ve made an update to our grow recipes and will be sharing it here this week.


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I’ve updated our grow recipes!!

Updated 5.16.18
Added several new strains and breeders
Adjusted pH to slowly rise over the course of the grow
Adjusted fan speed to be reduced for seedlings


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Hi Stephen,

Please try this link

Let me know if we can do any of those strains!


That’s one slick website with some beautiful pics! I’ll check them out in more detail and see if any of these strains make the next update.