Grobo Drained

my grobo decided to drain itself and all 5 the nutriant bottles last night woke up this morning with the pumps still draining had no control on the app. had to unplug it for the pump to stop. not sure how long the pump was running.


Sounds like a glitch but When was the last time you did a calibration?
Please submit a ticket to customer service to have your unit checked out! :eyes::seedling:


11 day ago when i started the grow. brand new unit.


If you want to try it before support gets back to you this is what I would do.
Recalib orate add water to your empty nutrient bottles and run it until support checks the machine to see what happens!


I see your ticket @spacemonkey330 and will follow up.
Thanks for reaching out.


If the Grobo 2, I had it before also. I think it is fixed or close, see what they say.


same here. mine never filled properly and eventually decided to drain by surprise somehow overflowing my bucket onto the floor and exhausting my first set of 5 nutrient bottles.


I just experienced something just like this, but I unplugged it right away and only got a little water all over the carpet. Once i cleaned up the water and plugged it back in, its working but opened a ticket. Only thing i noticed is this happened during the germination to early vegetation switch.

My experience was the lights started to blink ever color in the world, the machine went silent and then started to pump water out. Like I said I caught it right away.

My last first drain/second fill was last Friday.
Grobo Gen 2 with latest public firmware
Ticket [#29797]
Not sure if this is related to their Ground Wire Issue that I was notified about.

I can state that this is one of those issues that should be looked at right away because it can lead to dangerous scenarios. I am kind of afraid to leave this thing now unwatched. I’m going to leave my drain hose in a bucket until this gets figured out.

Can you or an admin correct :white_check_mark: the spelling in the subject line?



I was wondering if you heard anything back on this. Our machine started to do the same thing but like you we restarted and put the hoses in a bucket. After it seemed to be working fine but the hoses in the bucket were still slowly leaking. We put them back up along the side of the box again and it really only leaks a few drops here and there now.

We too got the notification about the ground wire installation.

Was just wondering if you heard anything back?


Waiting on my ground wire before I restart the grobo. My ticket was closed because my wire shipped out.

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I’m assuming these boxes are safe to run without the ground wire but now I’m wondering if I should shut mine down as well? Plus it has a slow leak so I’m not feeling completely confident that it’s safe to keep running?

@Stephen @bjorn @Todd.grobo

Do you guys think it’s ok to leave my Gen 2 running being that there is a, albeit small, leak and no ground wire?

Hoping to hear from you guys soon as we work through some of these problems we have been having.

Is support in the office or out for Christmas break?

What do you think I been doing with them. :grinning: The ground wire I did waay back, replaced one of the boards too and a few other things to see what worked, so they can help you all.

Everything will be fine, if you have a screwdriver and about 10 minutes. Also do not put the drain hose “fully downward” in a bucket in case it spills, it can cause some false drains. I did that too.

This is what it will look like if you put it where I did. Undid 2 screws on the tall metal piece to remove it, pulled the board off, put the wire on, put the board back on, put the 2 screws back, then do 1 more screw on the outside like my pic.

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My question was is it safe to be running without a ground wire and a slow leak?

@SilverGrobo recommended I unplug the drain hose wire from the board which I have done.

Not sure if my ground wire is even in the mail yet. Just wondering if I should just shut the grow down and wait for it or if it is safe to run without the ground wire.

I’m not the handiest so I am looking for a little guidance here.

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I haven’t received my ground wire as well. Even when I get it I don’t think I’ll put it on til after my grow. I don’t want to bother having issues I haven’t had yet and I’m too far into my first grow to want to install it. In the ppls case of having draining issues I guess I’d do it asap unless it’s tolerable. Even tho I haven’t had the draining issue I still keep my hose in the bucket just in case!


Your lucky. When you hear water running :rofl: and dripping sounds from the other room and realize Grobo is spraying out :grinning: you do whatever they need so it doesn’t happen again. I had to pull the rug, gets fans and all that. Then it happened AGAIN :rofl: and I am laughing now as its fixed and just moving on and it is fixed and started a grow.


I am currently locked out cause I tried to reset my password one too many times. I opened up another ticket and used the chat but it been pure silence with no help.

Since replying to email works. Can anyone that is having the same issue with the water being pumped out magically…. Can you specify when it happened or does it happen during the transition stations. For instance Germination to Early Vegetation or Early Vegetation to Late Vegetation?

Also is there an Admin in this forum that can reset my password? No the forgot password does not work, emails a link for password reset that does not function.

Unfortunately everyone that has that power directly works for grobo.