Grobo #3 is coming! Wooooooooo!

The price of the Grobo Solid refurbished was so good, I decided to add a 3rd Grobo. It offered a 4 payment with no interest option and no delayed shipping, so I thought why not. :grinning:

Order summary

Refurbished Grobo × 1
Refurbished Grobo Solid $999.00

Subtotal $999.00

Shipping $0.00

Total $999.00 USD


Nice. :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Wow, they sold out of the Refurbished Solid’s already, I was telling a friend about them.

I like that it is the original Grobo, I already have one, so can add my “tweaks” and things quick as I already have some items. Also a lot of coco pods so that is good too.

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Wow great terms, I got the email. Might need Grobo #4 :+1: if anymore show up refurbished.

Number of Payments – 4

Amount of Each Payment – $249.75

Due Biweekly Starting – 1/1/22 *


  • The cost of your credit as a yearly rate 0.00% APR


  • The dollar amount the credit will cost you $0.00

Amount Financed

  • The amount of credit provided on your behalf $999.00

Total of Payments

  • The amount you will have paid when you have made all scheduled payments $999.00

Late Charge:

If a payment is late, you will not be charged a separate fee or penalty.


Who would not buy with this. I must have really lucked out no interest even.


Your confirmation


Grobo has processed your order, and you’re all set to pay with Shop Pay Installments.

To make a payment now, sign into your Shop account.

Your payment schedule

Autopay : Jan 3, 2022 $249.75
Autopay : Jan 17, 2022 $249.75
Autopay : Jan 31, 2022 $249.75
Autopay : Feb 14, 2022 $249.75
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Today is the day! Wooooo Grobo 3 is coming, out for delivery. I have a Skunk #1 seed I am getting ready so maybe by the weekend I will have all 3 Grobos going.


It is here, a little box damage but going to open it soon. I dont think anything went in deep though, but will know soon.


This will make 3 Grobos in my little 5x8 pantry, aka grow room. :grinning:

I think I can fit 4 with no problem as I have the window to use to vent or if any problems with heat or smells.


I unboxed it and it is fine. I got it almost $1000 off :grinning: so I am very happy with the condition.

It was delivered upside down though, I might take off the top and peek inside before I move it to the little grow area. Not sure yet.

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This is my tentative setup right now. I still have to move some things around, but might try it this way for the next grow. Grobo 3 is almost ready, should be by the morning.


Nice! Glad you got the last it seems so far to be the last generation grobo for purchase ! The new ones seem to be 2many issues! I sure appreciate my gen1! I think it may have to do with covid b/s and materials and shipping costs of sorts! All the issues so far with gen 2 I would not my self purchase another. Can’t complain for my box gen 1 so far so good! Hope the refurbed is a new champ!


Thanks, I know what you mean. Grobo 2 was a handful, but “hopefully”??? all that is behind now that I did the couple things. I will admit, I did feel good knowing I was getting a Grobo 1, :grinning: so I could just get it running quick. If it was another Grobo 2 it would still be in pieces with me putting it together and all that.