Green Crack Fem (1st grow ever)

Hello AG community,

It’s enjoyable reading about everyone’s grows as your experiences and advice has been very helpful to this rookie that has no growing experience at all :grimacing:

  • ordered a Grobo on 6.29.20 and arrived 7.10.20 :grinning:

  • dubbed the unit “Grow House:groboone:

  • added a tablespoon of hydroguard with the 3 gallon distilled water fill up :cup_with_straw:

  • water temp @ 72 F with room temp @ 72 F :thermometer:

  • humidity 55% RH with three (3) humidifiers outside GrowHouse :droplet:

Will continue to follow your grows while I await the birth of Green Crack :deciduous_tree:


U are well prepared!! Is that Green crack from Humbolt seed org?


If you haven’t got one yet, def get a small fan for inside your unit it really helps! Cheers


You’re set up for a great grow! I look forward to watching!


Thanks Jamminbear. The Green Crack is a growers choice seeds. I’ve been awaiting a ILGM package too. As someone who never bought seeds before, I felt most comfortable buying from within the US in hopes of faster processing and delivery. I now see that there are a lot of different reputable options…

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4sure. thanks


Good news: You’ll never need to buy seeds outside the US, we have the most elite genetics right here at home! Check out Neptune Seed Bank, Speakeasy Seed Bank, and Think Tank Seed Bank on instagram. (These are only a few awesome seed providers we have here in the US, there are many more)


thanks SWSVIC! the details in your posts have been helpful in my growing education! thanks for sharing


Yeah talk about all the exotic selection :drooling_face::drooling_face:. That’s what I’m going to be getting into once my stock is depleted. Gonna try some in house genetics and a buddy has been growing some wicked stuff from Cannarado seeds. Also want to try Exotic genetics as well. There’s way too many and I don’t have enough room! :exploding_head::exploding_head:


I bought a mini fridge to house mine… and I haven’t even finished my first grow :joy:


Day 8 of germination - End Grow :worried:

Your thought Growers?

Opened up coco pod “cap” and carefully investigated with no signs of seed cracking.

Coco pod flushed and moist with air pump working. Water temp @ 73 F with humidity a bit low @ 45% RH.

Considering ending this green crack grow, cleaning the unit and starting fresh again. Chalk it up to a bad seed.

At the start, the seed was placed in distilled water until in sank, then transferred into a “soaked and half squeezed” coco pod with fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Next grow, germination will be done outside prior to placing in pod

Awaiting a new coco pod. Understood this one can be reused but wanted to use a new one in “attempting” to start fresh and new.

Bottle #2 is only one used. May consider adjusting PH in a bucket prior to fills.

All opinions are appreciated :slight_smile:


Good call on germinating outside the pod. I honestly only see disadvantages from planting before germination. What type of water were you using? That is an awful lot of pH down to have been used in just one fill. Did you calibrate your pH pen prior to starting grow? As a test, why don’t you throw that seed into a cup of water and see if it pops? Not saying you have to use it but at least you’ll know if it were the seed or the planting method.

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distilled with a splash of hydroguard. did not calibrate grobo on this 1st grow. calibrated pen per instructions. bout to throw that seed in water and see what happens.

on a side note, three green crack seeds were purchased in which one was extremely larger than the other two. i selected the large one assuming bigger is better ?

thanks for the feedback

Good work :muscle:, again, I see no reason as to why it would have used that much pH down to treat one fill of distilled water. Keep us posted on whether or not it pops. How much Hydroguard are you using at with each fill and how are you adding it to your water?

Sent in a ticket to the Grobo team to ask them to check it out. 10-4 on the seed update. added a light tablespoon of hydroguard (approx 10ml) to approx 3 gallons of distilled water and did a light “swish” in a bucket prior to 1st fill.


Take it down to 7.5mL and skip draining on your first water change (Just fill with distilled water). Also, give it a good stir rather than a light “swish”. :joy:


R.I.P. green crack :sob:

ended green crack grow on day 10/10 germination.

seed appeared dead with signs of yellow.

Grobo (Danielle) responded same day to ticket regarding bottle #2 use and requested to re-calibrate while provide some free satchels of 4.0 and 7.0

Danielle helped walk me thru the cleaning procedures and proper probe storage.

cleaned unit per recommendations.

probe cleaned and placed in KCI storage solution for a 24 hour hydration.

calibration in AM and then on to California Dream Fem (ILGM) seed with germination on the outside

0/1 but not discouraged at all.


Sorry to hear it, like your outlook however! Try germinating in a cup of water this time around. Just drop the seed in, push it down after a few hours if it is floating, after the tap root peeks out from the seed casing drop into the coco pod (root facing down), and then rip off a small piece from the side of the pod and gently insert it into the hole on top of the seed until you feel it has made contact with the top of the seed. Then start your recipe and run it as if you had just dropped in an ungerminated seed.



  • ((#RIP)): :sob: ((#IFeelYourPain)): :sob: ((#SorryForYourLoss)): :sob:


  • (RIP): :hole::coffin::sob: