Great service so far, now for the grow!

I’ve been reading up on the Grobo for ages, and finally bit the bullet on Black Friday. Was very pleasantly surprised to have the unit turn up yesterday. a day earlier than stated.

I am a total beginner at cannabis cultivation. For me, a single plant was the only option which made the Grobo ideal. I realise this is a labour of love rather than a full automation.

All setup and waiting for the seeds to arrive today to get the grow underway.

I have Seedsman seeds arriving:-

LA Peyote Kush
Amnesia FAST
Peyote Gorilla
Jack Herer (x 3 seeds)

The Jack Herer were a free gift and also have the shortest recipe time (103 days), so planning the first and maybe second grow with these so I can see how much improvement I can get with topping and light trimming.

Any advice or tips welcome!!



The first one, I just finished, and let it go some and enjoy. I did not top, did not lollipop or really trim much and watched it. I started my 2nd grow this week and now I know a little more and can β€œindulge” in some of the more advanced things.

Some do go all out and add all kinds of things. I am more trying to keep it simple.


Welcome to the family! I’m three days away from harvesting my Blueberry; which I also got from seedsman. This was also my first grow. Just make sure you try your best to keep the water at the perfect temp. If you got the watercooler then your good. That was available when I got mine so the ac has been regulating this grow the entire time. Trimming was also a bit tricky since I had never done it before. Also maje sure to calibrate your sensors before the grow. I didnt had had an issue with the nutrients.


For sure your going to need more of bottle 3,4and , 5 at least 2 sets depending on strain . 1 and 2 should last you up to 2 to 3 grows depending on the water you are using. Might need hydroguard just for extra protection for roots if you home is warm but try to keep water temps below 70 degrees. Pruning shears pointy ones Going to need something to harvest in the machine just to hang your harvest for dry mode.


I’m not sure if you since this video but it’s a nice guide for a total beginner


Love how your name references mushrooms and not cannabis! I’m a big advocate of cannabis for pain, mushrooms for mental.


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