Grape Cake!

Nice, hopefully those buds will stack nicely!


Oh its happening! :eyes::seedling:


Ever. So. Slowly. :rofl:


This is truly a very cool plant. Looks like she’s blooming right now. When can start expecting these buds to bulk up??

I added 14 days to my flower cycle.

How do I share my journal entries? From mobile that is. I reckon I can do it on the ‘puter if’n I has ta.

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Ever. So. Slowly.


Looks great @Bearbode1
If there is any way you can spread the canopy a bit (think of it as opening the plant up) by tying down some stems you will get a killer nice haul. If you dont know how to do that, go watch matt’s newest video on youtube he uploaded 3 or 4 days ago, he shows it in the first 5 mins of the video.


I’m always down to learn new stuff!

Was actually headed out to the craft store to get magnets and twine hahaha

I already broke one branch while trying to spread the love. Snapped it about 95% Put some tape on it and she’s been going a week now with the mend.


We calling that milky white?


Going to flush. These trichs haven’t changed in 10 days. Wish me luck!



this stuff smells amazing!


Smoke report: Grape Ape

Still need to cure a bit longer, but could not wait to try.

1 small bowl, packed. A little more moist than what I’m used to, but again, this is fresh!

Intense grape aroma, with hints of citrus and pepper. Very cool grape sugary aftertaste.

Super smooth smoke. Took two hits. The wife did the same. No coughing. Very smooth.

Slow onset, about 10 minutes. Nice gentle push into the headspace, followed shortly by a total body buzz. Both of us had the same feeling….like floating in a tub of champagne bubbles.

From here the experience differed significantly.
Wife made it about 20 minutes before passing into the obscurity of darkness. I don’t think she moved for several hours and even slept in this morning. (Lucky her!). I had a good feel going right up to about an hour after the hit. It all seemed to come to a screeching halt after that. I was hit with a crazy wave of energy, making it very difficult to sleep. Had to pop a gummy and wait to get some Zzzz’s.

Will place in the basement for continued curing and try again in a week or so.

Overall, very enjoyable for the first time grow. The smoothness of it really impressed.

Off to pop an LA OG seed (I managed to scrounge up two!) and start all over again!