Granddaddy Purp 1st Grow

Hey @CannabisJAC

I’m not sure it is advisable to change light settings during flower but I could most certainly be wrong, wait for champ advice on this.

Here are instructions just so you know how:

In your app click the menu button then select “settings”

Then select “change light settings”

Then use the blue bar to adjust your schedule


Yeah even I’ve never made a total 12 hr switch this late into flower. I believe I did mine in transition for my first grow and didn’t seem to affect it. @chris_barfield whats your opinion on this? He’s on day 30-32 of flower

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Do not switch the lights if you have already switch to flower… you will Herm the plants plain and simple … if your dealing with heat issues move the grobo to a cooler area


Day 99
Flower (Day 33 /50)

Wasup Growers!
Water change day! I’ve had to replace both bottle 3 & 4. In a few days I will most likely have to replace bottle 5 also! Going forward I will always have a double of bottles 3, 4 & 5.
Temperature are still all over the place here in the BX.
Thanks for all the feedback!!!
I didn’t change her light schedule. I will make sure for the next grow. Today I also removed a few leafs that were totally in the way and or dried up… You can see the stress on some of her leaves too​:pensive:. I’ve apologized to her several times! :call_me_hand:

Thanks Growers!!
Health and wellness to all!
Stay safe!!

Oh here’s some pics…


Day 106
Flower (Day 40 /50)

Wazup Growers!

10 more days in flower stage. Do you think I should extend it? If so for how long?

Here’s her pics…




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She’s fattening up pretty good :+1:. Looks great considering your circumstances, but from the pics you have it’s just hard for us to tell. You’ll need to use the chart above and look closely at the trichs, and even ripening is a preference as well. I’m with @SilverGrobo I like mine milky. I’ll go to the slightly amber side opposed to the clear side of milky


Day 108
Flower (Day 42 /50)

Sup growers!

@Russel_Richardson Just took a look at her with the microscope. Some look a bit milky and few look a bit amber. Few are a bit clear.
This part has me a bit lost. Not sure what I should do. I don’t think she will need to be extended. I’m thinking to let this stage end and just move on to the flush stage. Or should she go into flush now :man_facepalming::man_shrugging:

Took a quick pic as close as possible.


I wouldn’t push to flush. If you’re seeing some clear I’m guessing she can use the last couple days and a full flush. When you’re checking the trichomes take a look at bud sites underneath your top buds. What’s on the very top is going to mature/ripen faster than what’s underneath, so I’ll look at a couple spots before making the decision. But I would leave yours in my opinion


Day 115
Flower (Day 49 /50)

Wazup Growers!

Tomorrow is the day she gets flushed! Can’t wait!

Hope all of my fellow growers are safe and healthy!

Here are a few pics…


Answered my own questions (should have read your thread before asking) :joy:. Looking good brother man!


Day 117
Flush (Day 1 /10)

Wazup Growers!

I’m kinda stuck on stooopid right now! She just went into her Flush stage. Not sure if I’m correct but I removed bottles 3, 4 & 5. Hope that was the right thing to do.

Please let me knw…!!

And her light is now green not red…

Blessings growers!!!


Are you still in drain/fill mode? That’s usually what the green light (inside) means.

Might want to power cycle it if it’s stuck in that green mode.

And yes unplugging those bottles is good, just in case it tries to dose – but we’re fairly sure it doesn’t try to during the flush stage, that’s just a precaution.



Grobo went back to its normal lighting color on its own.
Glad to here I did the right thing by removing the bottles…

10 days here we go!.. since this is the last stage… what is next? I feel lost in this last stage…


Harvesting, trimming, drying, and curing my man!


Growers, WAZUP!!!

So the day has come to finally Harvest! I’m looking for steps on what to do but I’m not having luck.
Do I just drain her and start trimming her to hang? Or is there an actual process??

Please fill me in!

Thanks all!!!


Congrats my man! Following.


Just found Stephens video… I’m watching and then will perform the task…


Congrats on your harvest!


Here we go…

Just took her to the salon. Gave her a nice trim! I followed @Stephen video! Hoping I did right by her.

I have no idea what to expect but from what it looks like her yield was pretty good!!

I weighed her and she weighed almost 5oz. I find that a bit high. I’m guessing because she still had branches attached to her. I will weigh her in the end properly!

I wanna also thank everyone that took time to help me out! I greatly appreciate it! This community ‘effn’ ROCKS!!!

Maybe all us growers can start a IG page to show pics too…

Blessings to you all!!

Here are a few pics…