Grand Daddy Purple - ILGM

Using generic indica recipe.

Planted Oct 29. Popped on Germination (Day 7 / 10)

Day 15 Early Vegetation (Day 5 / 14). Drain and fill today. Nice long tap root but the plant looks kind of uneven or even stunted? Is there any good reason to extend early veg?


Let her keep going as is but keep an eye on the leaves



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You can wait for two (or 3) (or 5) and cut it back to 2 or 3: You like it the way you do it and have fun with it:

I’m Trying for 8-sites Myself on Our Grow:

Blueberry - Indica - Grows




I’m really interested in how this grow goes man , I was looking at the grandaddy from them also . I have the strawberry kush from them . Whenever I get my grobo u can start.


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Update. Extended Early Vegetation 1 week as a recommendation from @Stephen. She seemed to get behind a little for some reason.

Day 21 Early Vegetation (Day 11 / 21)

Day 29 Early Vegetation (Day 19 / 21)

Started “Wind Treatment” LST as described by one of our champions @Rich . Thanks for the tip :+1:

Topped and trimmed a couple bottom leaves.

Question. At what point would you do a 2nd topping?


Do yourself a favour and get a fan off Amazon, I can’t find the link I used anymore but I got a 4 speed “desk” fan. It’s got a big hefty clamp clip on the bottom and came with 2 18650 rechargeable batteries. I have a bunch so I can keep them charged and just swap out. Lasts me 16 hours on speed 2 which is fairly breezy. Then you can keep the door closed :+1:

And you’ll need to wait until your new tops are established enough for another topping if that’s what you meant. That’s what I’m waiting for as well in my green crack thread

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I’m just using that fan in my pic for 20 minutes a day. I’ll look up the battery operated ones you suggested :+1:

That’s exactly what I was asking :grin: So like wait for another node or 2 under the new tops?

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Yeah I’ve not done multiple toppings yet so I can’t confirm. I would guess at least 2?


Update: The topping turned out to be a fim, so I fimmed all my tops. It’s turned into a bush that requires continuous thinning :rofl:

Late Veg 16 of 49

Late Veg 26 of 49

Late Veg 33 of 49

Late Veg 40 of 49

I’ve extended Late Vegetation 4 weeks for a grand total of 7 for this stage. Would like the plant to reach the second fan before switching to flower. I wonder if it will croak of old age before it gets there :open_mouth:


Looks amazing … I’m loving this … I cant wait to see her in flower !!


Up to you but I would extend late veg till it reaches the second fan…On my first grow in retrospect I should have added a couple more weeks to it , not sure if this strain stretches alot but my blueberry indica was fim’d instead of topped and was really bushy but slow to grow taller.
again up to you and I will state I’ve only ever grown once …(including the grobo one LOL ) so i’m still very green myself.


Both of your plants were indica dominant which is why they were on the shorter side. Sativa tends to grow taller.


Other way around sativa take longer to grow. Smaller yields and plants.

When ordering seeds most companies will tell you if your plant is short and bushy or tall and lanky.

Indica’s are listed as the shorter plants on websites but its possible @Todd.grobo has a different experience, he is a seasoned grower.

Growth and Physical Characteristics

The flowering time for indica is much faster than sativa at 6-8 weeks, making it a more popular plant among hobby growers. Sativa plants can grow up to 20 feet tall.Feb 7, 2018

Substance Market › indica-vs-sativa

Indica Vs Sativa | Substance Cannabis Market

The natural equatorial habitat of sativas means that these plants love the heat and the outdoors. Sativa plants are much taller than indica plants and can grow upwards of 25 feet tall but most stay under 12 feet.Mar 23, 2017 › blog › in…

Indica vs. Sativa - Kindheart Collective


I stand corrected. Nice. I want a ten foot tall outdoor plant this year lol


I’m sure you will have a 10 footer if that’s your goal!
I want to watch you grow!!! :eyes::seedling:
@SilverGrobo, had a pretty tall one last summer, if I didn’t live in such a bad neighborhood I would join in!

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Update. Simply got tired of being in late veg for so long. Not making much progress in getting her to the second fan. Flipped to transition.

Day 99 Late Vegetation (Day 69 of 70)

Day 106 Transition (Day 8 of 14)
She grew a few inches. Some side by side comparisons before and after trim. Having some issues with either pH probe or EC. Support ticket is open