Got some good pics in this. Milky trichomes

Just a short video too show off these micro milky trichomes ( let me know if I spelled trichomes )


OMG on the OG. OMG…
Thats hours of work bro! but she looks something happy af.


I’m still picking I’m all the way around just getting to the middle of that. Butt I think I’ll have lots of buds on top over the whole scrog. Then I’m Building another for them Clones in the veg Room.

Definitely starting budding sooner lmmfao


And stacking like mad she loves it


My yellow plant is green again too. Freaked me out. It’s got a while to go. The Autoflower Will definitely be soon… Can’t wait…


Nutrient deficiency?


I understand but 1 day yellow. I fed it and it was green again. But that plant gets yellow easy. That’s why I got super dirt for them. Shouldn’t be any yellow… I’m doing the same with 2 scrogs but it won’t be so crazy. This was my 1st scog play… I understand that now lmmfao… Just learning new easter way of doing things. And I’m finally started putting my Auto watering system in. Save my 50yr old back lmmfao


Update… I don’t need the Auto Watering System but I’m still building it because I might start a new grow type or go back to Coco choir who knows. Hell I don’t lmmfao. Anyways I’m gonna build it and that’s the reason I have not done it yet…

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Had a fucked up week… Lost all my BBOG’s Purple Rain is drying and Critical Purple is still getting fatter buds… Over nut stress. Too many feedings without giving clear water… That’s what I narrowed it down to… No big deal… Took some wrong advice and now I know… Never forget to give your plants a rest from the newts.